Paarth is a time-bomb.(spoilers)

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  3. Paarth is a time-bomb.(spoilers)

User Info: jeriausx

5 years ago#81
deadpool223 posted...
clone11 posted...
deadpool223 posted...
jeriausx posted...
If you would condemn someone to death for what they might do, then you would condemn all man (and dragons in this case) and yourself. So I guess is time for you (as Dovahkiin) to commit some geno/suicide.

well sure, cept mortals arnt immortal flying beasts that return from the dead each time there killed unless killed by a specific person, nor do they have an inborn desire to kill and dominate.

well yeah. not to say we dont kill stuff, it just isnt an instinct,

That's is a whole other argument, but you missed the point completely.

Also, the mortals of Nirn have shown they are more then capable of destruction on a scale that would make the dovah jealous.
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User Info: deadpool223

5 years ago#82
right but like i said, it isnt an instinct, its not something every single person is created to do.
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  3. Paarth is a time-bomb.(spoilers)

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