Do you concider Skyrim to be a true role-playing game?

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  3. Do you concider Skyrim to be a true role-playing game?

User Info: MarioFanaticXV

4 years ago#51
No. True role playing is impossible without a GM to control NPCs, and will remain such unless we develop sentient machines.
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User Info: ArakDemonBlade

4 years ago#52
As others have said, depends on your definition, though by most modern definitions of an RPG game, then yes it is.

RPG has become something of a continuum in games these days.

A 'true' RPG would essentially be Dungeons and Dragons: you make up the character, the history, the personality, and roll the stats and adventure as those things dictate with a world that is ever reacting to your actions through the efforts of a Dungeon Master.

Obviously, this is pretty much impossible to program into a game, though you can make good efforts. A good recent example (to me) is 'Fallout: New Vegas'. Several endings based on your choices and with little history to your name other than you deliver mail. Also, you essentially have free-reign over what you can do. The Baldur's Gate series was like this to a lesser extent (your history is given to you and you can't deviate much from the set story path, but everything else was more or less up to you).

Most RPGs today are what would be classified as 'Action RPG' - basically RPG statistical elements and equipment integrated into an action game. Usually there is very little you can do here in terms of shaping the world or your character's personality - instead you are shaping your character's skills and equipment. Diablo, the modern Elder Scrolls, MMOs and the like tend to fall under here.

JRPGs really aren't. You don't really take on a roll in most of these so much as play through an interactive story. Your characters become stronger through levels but you have very little say as to how they actually develop and the story is pretty much unchangeable.

User Info: BlueEye0

4 years ago#53
I guess. It does have a distinct lack of deep stats, you know strength, endurance, intellect, all that crap, but it is a RolePlayingGame.

User Info: myunihausen

4 years ago#54
a poorly designed troll :(

OP nice job but the whole "i think it's too linear" bit was the giveaway.

User Info: hakmiya

4 years ago#55
Skyrim is an action adventure game with RPG elements unless you are talking about the "ken and barbie's farmhouse" elements.
True RPGs put a large focus on skills and the player progression and choices actually effect other parts of the game.
The best RPGs give the player a set of questions or choices to pick at the start to determine strengths. In daggerfall you could select your starting gear and money by filling your charters back story. It even gave you the option to choose what deity your character worshiped. you didnt need to play child games in your head for everything.
Combat and leveling is another thing that prevents skyrim from being a true RPG. Most of the perks just determine damage rather then how skillful a person really is.
Every single shop keeper, farmer, retired veteran, towerguard, grand mother, bum, fisherman, child, baker and tailor are all equal when it comes to the basics of magic use and marksmanship.
Put a bow in the hands of an old lady whos done nothing their life but raise tomatoes and she will be just as deadly as the bosmer ranger who spent 40 years of his life gaining experience with the weapon, the only difference is the rangers arrows do a little more damage.
This part of the reason to blame for the complaints that destruction magic is ineffective. Magic mainly the offensive type is supposed to be rare but powerful (you dont see gandolf blasting orcs every 2 seconds), only useable by those who done a lot of studying and practice. Instead, the entire land of skyrim has access to it and everyones lobing spells like snow balls. finding spells tombs in skyrim is like picking up a gun in a first person shooter.

Fallout 3 and fall out new vegas are the only RPGs on consoles that managed to implement stats heavy combat mechanics with the real time flow of a modern adventure game.

User Info: BlackOrigamiSun

4 years ago#56
If true RPG == The Sims with dragons, then yes.

If true RPG == something with board RPG elements (aka status progression) and not literal interpretation, the no.

User Info: the_reaper849

4 years ago#57
its an action adventure game with rpg elements in it.

thats how i see it.
im a cook, and i play one in my RPG's.

User Info: ValedictorianXD

4 years ago#58
poorrabbit posted...
Samp98518 posted...
No. A true RPG for me is the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games, not games like TES and Fallout.

And you would be wrong. The games you are talking about are JRPGs which constitute a tiny subset of the larger blanket genre of RPG. You may disagree with me, but without the background and knowledge to back it up, you're just going to get more posts where people want to kick you.

Read, and learn:

I lol'd when you said TINY SUBSET. JRPGs overwhelm the RPG market in sheer volume. Doesn't necessarily make them good but they are there and they usually outnumber any of the other RPGs at least 50:1. Also, citing wikipedia? Poor form. Cite an actual academic source that knows what it is talking about. The talk page behind any wiki page should be evidence enough of that fact.
Skyrim is an RPG but on the most shallow of terms, which is quite befitting of this board's ocean/puddle comparison.
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User Info: sortajan

4 years ago#59
isn't it hipster-ish behavior to look at rpgs like skyrim and diablo and say "this isn't an rpg," or some such nonsense?

i'm sorry, but as someone who's been role-playing since PnP dungeons and dragons, if you don't think skyrim is an RPG then you don't know what an RPG is. a lot of things are left up to opinion, but this isn't one of them.

User Info: hellslinger

4 years ago#60
From: myunihausen | #054
a poorly designed troll :(

OP nice job but the whole "i think it's too linear" bit was the giveaway.

TC might have been a troll but there are plenty of crazy people who think most RPGs aren't RPGs.
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