What is your dragonborn's motto?

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User Info: Startech_Viper

4 years ago#91
"You think this is a mother f***ing game, b****?!"
If he had a gun, we would have took a picture of him shooting...TARGET PRACTICE!!!

User Info: thisnamerules

4 years ago#92
Whenever someone says something remotely threatening to me, I like to think my Dovahkiin would say:

"Alduin had that idea first, it didn't turn out well for him, either."

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#93
"If it isn't tied down, and I don't already have it, it is mine."
GT: Boomer and Tank
Pretty darn confident..... I don't want to have to wait till the Microendony XBOXS 4ii comes out another 15 years later....

User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

4 years ago#94
"And I say: "Look! I have hands!" But the people all around me say: "What are hands?" - Lady Jessica, 'Dune'

User Info: BlueEye0

4 years ago#95
Shout first, ask questions later.

User Info: darkmega703

4 years ago#96
(yells) Cheese for everyone! (exploding cheese falls from the sky.)
Will a human turn into a god, or will a god turn into a human.

User Info: Dark_Apostate

4 years ago#97

Yessir, the check is in the mail.
(message deleted)

User Info: Totor999

4 years ago#99
"I'M THE GODDAMN ARCHMAGE! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!" *lightning bolt lightning bolt lightning bolt*

"I need your soul for my soul-sucking weapons, so I can get more souls. SOULS!"

"I know it's useless to me, I just wanna sell it to my personal Dremora merchant."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" *Fus Ro Dah*

"I don't know who you are or what you want, but no."

*slits throat* "Do you ever notice me?!"

-Antarès Stellmare, High-Elf Archmage/Enchanter-crafter/Stahlrim-clad assassin/Daedric artifact collector/Angry electromancer.
Removing a robot girl's armor leaves only her evangelion-esque suit.
Giving her new armor gives her a cleavage and a midriff. Wait what?

User Info: FabMrFabFab

4 years ago#100
jaydig posted...
I'm cold.

You named your character Cold?

Let's go Team Fabio.
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  3. What is your dragonborn's motto?

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