20 reasons why skyrim has failed

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User Info: Nenina

4 years ago#61
Skyrim has been on the GameFaqs top 10 since release and hasn't fallen off.

Hitman Absolution has failed because it fell flat right away, and SWTOR is in deep trouble.

20 reasons mods make Skyrim win:
ASIS allows more spawns and random spawns
Monster Mod adds many other kinds of creatures
ENB Series for SSAO, Bloom, and Depth of Field
Ultimate Follower Overhaul for more followers plus their summons
Official High Resolution Texture Pack
Interesting NPCs adds many voice actors to expand lore and content
Quest mods such as Moonpath to Elsweyr
Apocalypse Spells and Better Magic for more interesting spells
Deadly Dragons to beef up dragons, creatures, and actors
Immersive Armors adds all kinds of user made armors to existing actors
A Quality World Map with Roads
Music overhauls
Flora overhauls
JaySuS Swords
Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux
Enhanced Blood Textures
Cloaks of Skyrim
The Dance of Death
Project Reality and other climate mods

User Info: The_Beer_Scotch

4 years ago#62
tzar_666 posted...
The_Beer_Scotch posted...
HaloDad020508 posted...
I stopped reading after saying Skyrims horseriding was worse than Oblivions. Did you even play Oblivion?? The horse riding mechanics in Oblivion are nothing short of atrocious.

At least the horses mlved faster than walking...

At first.


Moved. With a cracked screen on my android :p
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Should have gotten the PC version then.
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User Info: Kar31189

4 years ago#64
1) Cant disable kill cams -
meh i dont see this as such a big issue

2) No respec before leaving helgen keep (forced to watch execution anytime I make new toon)
Respec what? This isent oblivion or morrowind and if you dident want to play that kind of class why did you pick that in the first place? As for the opening yeah kinda annoying but again not a deal breaker.

3) Constant forced 3rd person (horse, werewolf, killcams, using workstations)
Why do you wanna see first person mode at the workstation? There is nothing to see. killcams i thought you hated them anyway why would you care?
Werewolf why would you wanna be in firstperson mode and just watch you swing claws? I think its cooler to see yourself as a wolf. But having the choice would be nice again not a deal breaker

4) Poor horseriding, worse than Oblivions. Slow, glitchy sprint sound, awful sprint distance.
Hardly anyone rides the horses anyway again you care why? And at least you have a horse unlike morrorwind.

5) Bad journal system. No details to information, too reliant on quest markers.
Again better then it was in the past easier to track what quest you have.

6) Terrible world map, more like a satelite image than a crumpled up map in my back pocket.
So what? you wanna look at the paper map look at the one that came with the game.

7) Unnessesary camera shift when drawing a weapon in 3rd person. Please leave the cam where it is.
Well ya you have to shift to draw a weapon its realistic, do you stand like a statue when you draw a sword?

8) Immortal NPC's. Much worse than it was in Oblivion.
Not all of them are and also pointing out in morrowind they went immortal and if you killed a npc from the main quest line you pretty much ruined the game the game even tells you so....

9) Awful delay when switching between bow/sword in hotkey. Aswell as glitchy draw sound/animation being played twice. A year later without patching this? seriously.
Again its being realistic can you do that in the real world in a instant? No I did not think so.

10) Linear dungeons. 90% of dungeons are just straight corridors with no sense of exploration or intimidation. A 2 hour long corridor does not a deep dungeon dive make.
Again better then the past where in morrorwind you get a 1 room dungeon that has no treasure in it just a waste of your time.

11) Skooma... it could have been a really unique narcotic, but the best they could come up with was a weak stamina potion.
This is just i cant even say it...

12) No mortar pestle, at the very least let us make basic potions out in the wild. I never carried a glass alymbic for RP reasons, but always had my trusty mortar and pestle.
Ok have fun carrying like 50+more weight and having more clutter in your bags.

13) No weapon degredation. Gear maintenence was a whole other dimension one had to consider when going on an adventure.. no reason to take it out.
Cuts down and needless busy work.

14) Arrows dissapear after a certain distance. This did not happen in oblivion.
No...no they dont my fiance killed them-self shooting a arrow in the air and having it come back down

15) No hand to hand skill. And cant block when using the hand to hand you can do.
If you fight someone wearing a suite of armor using a sword i think the guy in plate-mail is going to kill the fist fighter before he even gets the chance to put a real dent in.

User Info: Kar31189

4 years ago#65
16)Not 1 single bookshop.
The collage in winterhold has a bookshop. If a shop sells just books and you pay for them in gold what do you call that? A BOOK SHOP!

17)No handicaps in the game world. Ie I can walk into windhelm dressed as an imperial, or walk into whiterun as a khajiit. Dont be afraid to penalise players!
This isent fallout Ok you win theres a handycap and as a Khajit you are no longer allowed in any city you can no longer do quest and they killed you first in helgan the end.

18)Blacksmiths cant upgrade gear for you. This is their job, they should be able to improve your gear for a small sum of gold.
Lazy much? That will take any personality out of your gear and give you such a lack of accomplishment.

19)Rain still passes through shelters. They managed to fix this in the Fallout new vegas expansion set in the canyons.
Again not fallout, not a dealbreaker, and dose this effect gameplay? No!

20)Nirnroots are too loud... in oblivion they were a gentle hum, now I pick them up just to make them sthu.
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User Info: Storm_Walker

4 years ago#66
kentuckybob posted...
Apex1619 posted...
16- you have obviously never been to the college of winterhold

that is not a bookshop, its a library that sells books to student at the college.

Yeah, real shame that Barnes and Noble couldn't start a franchise deal out there, not enough business in that demographic I guess.
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User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#67
Why do people still feed kentuckybob topics.

Jeebus H Chroist.
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User Info: anonymous4ever

4 years ago#68
TC is a complete and total fool. How could the best selling game of 2011 be a failure?

I think this is a cleverly disguised troll topic. Obviously many people took the bait.

User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#69
Really? No mention of bugs?
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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#70
From: darkportal785 | #028
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At least it wasn't a True_Brit topic.
To all the trolls out there, I have 179 users on my ignore list. Come at me. My list needs to grow...
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