20 reasons why skyrim has failed

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User Info: LinkLuigi

4 years ago#91
Morvoni posted...
Pairedsnake posted...
iDubstep posted...
GriffRoberts posted...
From: iDubstep | #085
TC does not make a single good point. All he did was nitpick and complain about petty issues and strait up lie about slightly bigger issues, all while trying to say these are the reasons the game failed.

And the guy you're reffering to isn't excusing the tiny little bug, he's just stating how very insignificant it is...

This whole topic is insignificant and I don't understand why anyone is treating it as anything more...

Nobody on gamefaqs cares anymore if it's a troll topic. The bait is just too delicious. This isn't the first time it's happened.

In all honesty, its gamefaqs culture that is the problem. The whole concept of being "baited" by a topic like this is a joke... what consequences would there be? Gfaqers like to make e-drama over something as insignifact as complaints like this and that's why users can't stay away from seriously responding to topics like this... I hope one day you will all be cured of this horrible disease...

Perhaps you have a point but is it not a touch ironic that you post that in here?

The idea of the "Troll Topic" is what I call internet terrorism. It puts posters in a damned if you do/damned if you don't scenario. In the first case you are said to "feed" the troll and in the second case you are left "wondering" if it is indeed a troll.

In this case, the TC DOES have both good points and bad points (SEVERAL arguable matters of opinion). Regardless, the only way one would know that the "INTENT" of the TC was to troll, would be to read the TC's mind at the time of the OP's creation.


Because I/You/We have seen it all before...The TC that starts seriously, then mysteriously claims the post is just a troll after everyone calls him/her stupid.


The idiot/troll who can divine (which is the case here). I reiterate, the idiot/troll who can divine that the TC's intention is to troll. Claiming that the post is a "Troll Topic" thereby holding everyone's thoughts and reactions hostage while empowering internet terrorism when they have no real ****ing clue what the TC's intentions were.

Some of you people have allowed the definition of trolling to grow malignant to the point of destroying people's ability to CHOOSE whether or not to respond to a topic.

If the majority of posters respond to the post legitimately, they take over the character of the thread (<read statement again if it didn't sink in). Whether it was meant to be a troll in the beginning is of little consequence as it is NOT within the power of the TC to orchestrate the character of the topic unless OTHERS allow it to. Likewise, the idiot/troll jackass that can divine and is ALLOWED to degenerate(disrupt) the post into a "Troll Topic" by simple declaration is ALSO a TROLL.

This topic may be stupid, but it is not disruptive and it has flow beyond the TC's control. It is not a Troll Topic unless folks allow it to be. There are plenty of insignificant topics that people CHOOSE to respond to. Insignificance doesn't define a topic as a Troll Topic. Post whenever you want, don't be a sissy.


User Info: jodiebigballs

4 years ago#92
I have to agree with some of these.
Like the journal system.

If I want to play with compass markers off I...well....can't :S

"go and speak to 'Random Npc' "

Not quest information, no location, nothing.
Live Fast, Die Young.....Leave A Good Looking Corpse
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