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in a real world why choose hadvar over ralof?

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  3. in a real world why choose hadvar over ralof?

User Info: nativeboi85

5 years ago#1
He and the imperials are about to execute you for no reason.. Who in their right mind would folow hadvar to the people trying to kill you

User Info: RedArchangel20

5 years ago#2
Hadvar didn't believe you did anything wrong initially. He was reluctant to execute you.

And it's as much the Stormcloak's fault that you're on the chopping block as the Imperial's. Why didn't anybody say that you weren't with them?
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User Info: DocOdine

5 years ago#3
You were collateral, caught up in a stormcloak ambush. Sadly, the captain is too arrogant to care and orders your execution alongside them. If you do follow him, Hadvar tells you himself you should never have been there.
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User Info: nativeboi85

5 years ago#4
But the imperials are still reluclant to execute you the stormcloaks dont see you as evil how do you know your not following hafvar to more imperials waiting to execute you

User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

5 years ago#5
Bethesda really made the beginning favor the Stormcloaks. That's the reason I've never sided with the Imperials.

User Info: Rikashi

5 years ago#6
Why wouldn't you trust him? I'd take the disciplined, well-trained Legion member over the guy that was just about to get executed for sure.
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User Info: MC2011

5 years ago#7
Well considering I just crossed the border into Skyrim and have no clue what the hell a Stormcloak is... I'd probably stick with the Hadvar.

For all I know those "Stormcloaks" could be nothing more than bandits who'll later gut me for fun, enslave me, consider me "in their debt" for them "saving" me, or get me killed in some other manner later on.

Plus he seemed like a sympathetic man when listing off the prisoners, as well as being part of a well known faction, so there's a chance he could be reasoned with.... Unlike that jerk ass captain who wants heads to roll and bodies hit the floor.
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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

5 years ago#8
Again right after getting inside the tutorial with Hadvar

"Stormcloaks maybe we can reason with them"

"Hey, look there is a dragon an-"


Compared to Ralof's

"Imperials maybe we can ambush them"

User Info: gOwCoD4

5 years ago#9
Stockholm Syndrome maybe?
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User Info: thor23

5 years ago#10
Because you're a citizen of the Empire. If you were ever wrongfully arrested in real life, would you become an anarchist or would you go through the proper channels to prove your innocence?
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  3. in a real world why choose hadvar over ralof?

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