So I already own the very awesome Fallout: New Vegas

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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#101
kirklmatty posted...
JohnRyan1228 posted...
kirklmatty posted...
.. but Fo3 had a better storyline and character development than NV could ever dream of.

Lol no

lol yes.

Fo3. >you grow up in a vault>your dad goes missing
> you leave the vault to find your dad
> you discover that he was part of a project that could save the Capital wasteland
> you help turn the tides of a centuries long power struggle
> your father sacrifices himself to save the wasteland
> more ???
>amazing story

FoNV > you get shot
>a robot saves you
>you look for the man who shot you
>you find him
>you kill him
>you choose weither a robot or a man kept alive by life support takes over the Vegas Strip
>the end

I hate new vegas but that is the most biased sumery I have seen for it you also forgot 2 endings.
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User Info: DeathMagnetic80

4 years ago#102
Perma-n00b posted...
Skyrim, fallout 3, and new Vegas are all great games loaded with content. Any other opinion is just wrong. Shame on Team New Vegas in this thread. All your opinions pretty much amount to: "LAWLs newb fallout 3 is teh COD and New Vegas was perfect gaem with literally no flaws and of u disagree then u are nu to duh seriez!!!!

Stop jumpin on the "superleetpro," band wagon along with the Hardcore Morrowind fans you ignorant sheep. If ur opinions weren't terrible than more developers would design games with you in mind. As it stands not even indie developers give a crap about u.

So. shame on people who have mostly just said "Fallout 3 and New Vegas are both awesome, but I liked NV more"?... since literally no one said that. Meanwhile, you're just flinging insults. I honestly doubt there are many people that hated FO3, but loved New Vegas, since I assume most that played NV did so because they loved 3. Like I said for me, NV had a cooler setting, cooler weapons and I really enjoyed the different factions.
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