Wishlist for TES VI

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User Info: Justin2Krelian

5 years ago#61
Have weekly sermons in the temples/chapels.

User Info: truesaiyan309

5 years ago#62
Deeper survival aspects. It is a little silly that I can swim in frozen water and have zero negative consequences.

User Info: plagueart

5 years ago#63

Alchemical solutions intended for throwing damage so you could use them as ranged weapons. Enchanting should allow you to break an enchanted item (permanently destroy) and gain its ability for a short period of time. Smithing should allow you to reinforce your equipment on the fly with broken components scavenged from enemies.

Fleshing out more skills could be the replacement for dragon shouts, if you think about it. Make magic expansive as it was in Morrowind, with tons of utility spells. That would loosen up the exploration a lot, as you could use levitation to make nonlinear paths through a dungeon.

Also, not every dungeon should be looping or have an alternate exit, that doesn't make sense in every case. Just bring back Mark and Recall and make the magicka cost very small, or something like that. Going deep into a dungeon is a lot more intense if you don't know you're going to exit at the foot of the mountain. It's too predictable.

Expand underwater exploration, especially by adding combat. This seems a missed opportunity for a totally different flavor of gameplay, and makes the Argonian racial advantage moot.

Bethesda could also stand to make vampirism, Daedric artifacts, lycanthropy, and other major events in your character's life more game-changing. A (sort of) good example is the cannibalism added by the Ring of Namira. That type of interactivity is a good start, but it would have especially been better if eating food gave you something tangible in Skyrim.
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User Info: Rikiaz

5 years ago#64
Personally I'd like to see the return of attributes. Also I want to see random loot with unique enchantments again. Such as the Amulet of Axes.

Also I miss durability and casting penalties for wearing armor. Morrowind's number of equipable items would be nice but they would have to overhaul the enchanting system a lot. More unique enemies and bosses would be nice. Also a New Vegas style hardcore mode would be awesome.
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User Info: gybugy

5 years ago#65
Better magic and animations


MORE CHOICE i dont want to go through main quest side with baddies to have same ending this should be a CYOA game

Morrowind Essentials "you can kill anyone"

More armor

More everything
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User Info: KotomineKirei

5 years ago#66
Here is my large wishlist for TES VI.

Meaningful choices(e.g. Fallout and Mass Effect)
Better and rewarding quest endings.
More quest variety.
Throwing weapons(shuriken, kunai, axes, knives, spears, etc.)
Spears, whips, halberds, other katana variants, guns(the old types/revolvers would be awesome)
More emphasis given to assassin, thief, and unarmed play styles(More ways to sneak, such as climbing and camouflage; more ways to use poison[not just on weapons]; sweeping enemies with feet, disarming enemies, non-lethal attacks; etc.)
Stats/attributes again.
Balanced return of the athletic/acrobat skills.
More customization(Greaves/Breastplate/Gauntlets/Sabaton/Helmet/Mask)
Exotic landscape(e.g. Morrowind) or a lot of green areas(jungles, grass, etc.)
More armor/weapon material variety and unique items.
Tiered items(like the improved item affixes[?], just already on it as loot)
Jumping sprint.
Scroll of Icarian Flight.
Levitation spell.
Improved followers(more than one, better AI, player able to manually increase stats/change armor, able to tame creatures)
City arenas.
Multiplayer 2-4 player co-op/versus(in arenas)
Shared loot/experience(optional)(multiplayer)
Large monsters.
Many bosses.
Return of The Shivering Isles' Sheogorath(appearance)
Better, more lively factions/guilds(active factions/guilds that make you feel more like a member of them than just a mead fetcher)
Paper map.
More hair, beards, eyes, eye colors, hair colors, skin colors, warpaint, warpaint colors, scars, mouths, eyebrows, and noses.
More killmoves for all weapons.
More easter egg/parody weapons and armor.
Ability to choose different starting areas.
More spells, and more powerful magic.
Grid based inventory system.
Equipped weapon animations and appearance(e.g. two sheathes, weapons don't disappear, etc.)
Weapons and shield on back(except for katanas)
Lanterns(wearable and holdable)
Ability to switch weapons from one-handed to two handed and vice versa(if you have enough strength)
Better merchant system and more reason to be a hunter(rich merchants, expensive furs/claws, legendary creatures, etc.)
More enemy types(not just retextures)

User Info: capcat123

5 years ago#67
The ability to beat the game without killing anyone like Dishonored and Deus ex
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User Info: jrr18

5 years ago#68
capcat123 posted...
The ability to beat the game without killing anyone like Dishonored and Deus ex

Hey the boss's in Deus ex are people too.
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User Info: TutelarSword

5 years ago#69
capcat123 posted...
The ability to beat the game without killing anyone like Dishonored and Deus ex

Dishonored was an amazing game. If only it was longer and had more side missions and such.
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User Info: robirmingham

5 years ago#70
GriffRoberts posted...
From: Bigj089 | #020
Fixed. Trust me on this one. Morrowinds was leaps and bounds better.

Two rings, a necklace, a belt, pants, shirt, left gauntlet, right gauntlet, helmet, left pauldron, right pauldron, cuirass, greaves, and boots were all separate pieces and could be equipped at the same time. Oh and you could have a robe over ALL of that as well.

Hopefully the next gen will be powerful enough to support this and still have a fair amount of NPC action on screen. They would have to completely re-balance the Enchanting system, though. I'm pretty sure that's the main reason we can only wear one ring in the first place.

Exactly. Even just adding 2 rings would need a serious re-balance for enchanting. If you added all of those different pieces of equipment, even more changes would be needed. I suppose it could be simple and only "main" equipment could be enchanted, but something to think about nonetheless.
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