what exactly do you like about skyrim

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User Info: nativeboi85

4 years ago#1
Not bashing just a gauge the popultions opinion
I hear the side quest are boring, magic is ehh, mobs are very generic a lot of the times,loot system is generic, so what do you all like about skyrim?

User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

4 years ago#2
Playing God.

User Info: cynic79

4 years ago#3

User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#4
Hunting deer and crafting armor from their hides.

Catching blue butterflies and picking blue flowers to make an expensive and totally useless potion.

Slitting throats of vampires.

Head-butting a dumb orc as a little female breton.

The soundtrack.
Redguards Rule!

User Info: MC2011

4 years ago#5
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I'm a masochist.
May God have mercy on your soul... - The Preacher
Because I sure as hell won't. - The Gunslinger

User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#6
I enjoy exploring the wintery country side.
too bad there isn't much reason to do so. :(

User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#7
Magic is ehh? Lolyou.

You'd have a far shorter list asking what i don't like.
Rebel is pretty much a planet, pulling all sorts of moons and satellites his way, among them good, bad, foolish, trollish, and everything else - SeaArrKing

User Info: namewitheld

4 years ago#8
I like to collect stuff . Also leveling up. Basically Im a crow with ambition.

User Info: keybladelord12

4 years ago#9
Escapism at its best.
The bloodiest beef in The Reach!
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  3. what exactly do you like about skyrim

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