ITT: Things you have never yet done in Skyrim.

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User Info: DarkSeraphM

5 years ago#51
FastEddie2121 posted...
In regards to the Stones of Berenzia, is there a good payoff for collecting all of them? *no spoilers please, I'll take your word for it :) *

Depends on whether you're in need of cash or not, or like tossing gems all over the place. I s*** you not, after collecting all the Stones I went through Forelhost (one of the Dragon Priest dungeons) and walked out with over 30 of every type of gem, regular and Flawless.

Also, if you like using the Atronach Forge, the extra gems will be nice because they're ingredients in some of the recipes.
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User Info: charon78au

5 years ago#52
- Frostflow Lighthouse - getting around to it very soon though.
- Gone on a killing spree
- Intentionally kiled Nazeem or Heimskr
- Cast Mass Paralysis
- Killed a Chicken
- Helped Sven instead of Faendal

That's all I can think of right now, but of course it is by no means a comprehensive list.
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User Info: zerobobo

5 years ago#53
-never reached 81.
-never completed the college of winterhold.
-never joined the vampires in dawnguard.
-never killed erandur for the staff of corruption.
-never been inside labyrinthine
Gamertag: Clonedzero

User Info: NeoZanther

5 years ago#54
Never reached level 81.

Stones of Barenziah.

Any of the DLC (PS3 User)

Have never fully rebuilt the Blades and gone dragon hunting with them. (never have brought myself to kill Parthy, that and most chars are on Diplomatic Imuunity)

I've never taken 'shadow warrior

I've never gotten all the dragon priest masks.

Havn't done the lv 90 Restoration or Conjuration School quests.

Never killed Nazeem (which suprises me)

Never completed the bard's college questline.

Never made or worn Dragon Armor

Probably missing a thing or two still.
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User Info: thermopylae

5 years ago#55
have yet to finish mages college with about 300 hrs or either side of the civil war.
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User Info: easyeman

5 years ago#56
get all Stones of Barenziah.
Collect all the dragon priest masks
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User Info: Erroneous_Snake

5 years ago#57
After reading the majority of the first post I feel nothing but shame for you guys.
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User Info: rx54

5 years ago#58
darklinkfan55 posted...
- never done dragonborn yet (had dlc since it released)
- never found all shouts
- never used a shield
- never bought all homes in a single playthrough
- never collected all jewel of B something something
- never had over 30k at once
- never done the imperial part of civil war
- never played as an orc, red guard, or argonian
- never reached 81 is this possible?
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User Info: CaptainWolf

5 years ago#59
Never collected the Stones of Barenziah.
Never joined the Stormcloaks.
Never destroyed the DB.
Never killed Paarthy.
Never fully charged the Ebony Blade.
And never collected enough Crimson Nirnroot for that one quest.
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User Info: youshallbeasgod

5 years ago#60
GriffRoberts posted...
I've never worn a set of Daedric Armor.

Never destroyed the Dark Brotherhood.

Never reached level 81.
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