ITT: Things you have never yet done in Skyrim.

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User Info: The_Day_Dreamer

4 years ago#61
-Collected all the stones of barenziah
-Finished the TG
-Reached lvl 81
-Used two-handed
-Used block
-Found all locations
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User Info: zeldasthehero

4 years ago#62
Done every single physicle action available!

User Info: zeldasthehero

4 years ago#63
zeldasthehero posted...
Done every single physicle action available!

At any Time possible!!

User Info: MoxRavager

4 years ago#64
DarkSeraphM posted...
FastEddie2121 posted...
In regards to the Stones of Berenzia, is there a good payoff for collecting all of them? *no spoilers please, I'll take your word for it :) *

Depends on whether you're in need of cash or not, or like tossing gems all over the place. I s*** you not, after collecting all the Stones I went through Forelhost (one of the Dragon Priest dungeons) and walked out with over 30 of every type of gem, regular and Flawless.

Also, if you like using the Atronach Forge, the extra gems will be nice because they're ingredients in some of the recipes.

They are also used for the new weaponized spiders.
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User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#65
Thralled Ulfric
Obtained all shouts and masks
REPAIRED THE WHITE PHIAL (just found out i could!)
Wore elven or glass seriously
Killed somebody with a tricked out wooden sword
Sacrificed Eola for Boethia, (yet...)
Turned Delphine into a pile of ash, (yet...)
Killed the Solitude Court Vamp Mage (but I will, Dawnguard demands!)
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User Info: psicat1976

4 years ago#66
- Collected all of the Stones of Barenziah
- Sided with the Stormcloaks
- Killed Paarthurnax
- Given Harkon Auriel's Bow

User Info: SonOfAsandworm

4 years ago#67

killed Parthurnaax.

Killed a rabbit.

Reached 81.

Killed Erandur.

Gotten all shouts.

Used restoration loop.

Gotten all the werewolf/vampire lord perks.

Killed a legendary dragon.

User Info: Andw96

4 years ago#68
Never did the Thieves Guild
Never collected all Dragon Priest Masks (in one playthrough)
Never joined Stormcloaks
Never invested a perk in lockpicking, or speech, or two handed
Never resto looped or alchemy looped
Never done Hearthfire

That's basically all I can think of.

User Info: Chango240

4 years ago#69
I have never killed everyone in whiterun without reloading to a save just before scorching the town , but i tend to do this almost always

User Info: LiqiudusSnake

4 years ago#70
- Destroyed the Dark Brotherhood
never could bring myself to complete the stormcloak side of the civil war
never did the vampire side of Dawnguard
I've never had more than 1 Louis Letrush
- Given Harkon Auriel's Bow
- Killed Paarthurnax
Never played as a beast race.
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