Weapon switching slow recently.

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User Info: Tequila_Shot

4 years ago#11
StaticPenguin posted...
Tequila_Shot posted...
It's the limits of an outdated console showing. WHY Microsoft and Sony waited so long to bring out another is beyond me, because the games are falling by the wayside. You should see The Witcher 2 footage. Looks like garbage. Framerate issues cause my eyes to bleed.

Anyway, a good workaround is to just sit with the favorites menu open for a few seconds and let it load.

Witcher 2 had framerate issues? I don't remember seeing any.... Then again i did install it.

Maybe if you're used to consoles and not used to 60 FPS. But compared to PC, the console version's framerate is god awful and hurts my eyes. Here's a side by side.


That's not to say the game look bad, of course. The game is still beautiful and a masterpiece. CDPR did quite a good job optimizing it for the limited hardware of the console, but did have to make some cutbacks that they openly admitted to in the interview. But compared to the PC version, it does look horrible.
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  3. Weapon switching slow recently.

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