The best kills ever.

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User Info: Storm_Walker

4 years ago#21
Went into Darkshade with my level 8 khajiit, came out at level 11. Why? Got chased around by trolls on the inside, frantically healing myself in one hand while trying to hit one troll at a time frequently enough to offset its regeneration; meanwhile, the other troll's still trying to rip out my liver. The fact that I won that fight on Adept at such a low level makes it awesome.

Also, the Rift is apparently infested with trolls, because as I crossed over towards Riften, a troll shows up, fight ensues. Halfway through, another one shows up. Finished the first, got to work on the second, then a THIRD shows up! Killed the second one and moved on to the third, and a FOURTH troll appears! Still managed to kill them though.

Lastly, there was this time that I caught the Butcher of Windhelm redhanded and rushed him with a greatsword, DECAPITATION!!! LOL
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User Info: asterix420

4 years ago#22
My favorite was with Peryite's cultists. I cast invisibility, got right between the three of them and unleashed my master level fire scroll right when the guy says:"if you're not pleased,send us a sign". I also had plenty of great killcams with magic followers: if they cast their spell at the right time, your headbutt or whatever the killcam is will send the enemy flying across the room.

User Info: koutsu88

4 years ago#23
i once picked off 5 bandits in under a minute via slit throats, then killed their leader
with an arrow right through his right iris from around 100ft ahh good times
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