Stormcloaks or Imperial Empire: Which is better?

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  3. Stormcloaks or Imperial Empire: Which is better?

User Info: uniballer92

5 years ago#1
Just trying to decide who's better to side with.
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User Info: Rampagingwalrus

5 years ago#2
Both are equal.
Pick whichever you feel you like more.
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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

5 years ago#3
Imperails or Stormcloacks? Probably go with the Imperails they have the POWA

User Info: DarkSeraphM

5 years ago#4
Imperial Empire?
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User Info: RebelElite791

5 years ago#5
Orcs. Definitely Orcs.
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User Info: Ajd_King

5 years ago#6
I'm NERDy?

User Info: Rannek17

5 years ago#7
Stormcloaks, by a wide margin. Playing the imperial campaign just feels like a long series of dick moves.

User Info: Leviathan412

5 years ago#8
I don't like the Imperial Emperor of the Imperious Empire, so Stormcloak.

User Info: Fade_Chokes

5 years ago#9
RebelElite791 posted...
Orcs. Definitely Orcs.
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User Info: Apex1619

5 years ago#10
Imperials cuz dats where de poo-tang iz
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  3. Stormcloaks or Imperial Empire: Which is better?

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