Guesses to who contacted the Dark Brotherhood. (DB sopoilers)

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  3. Guesses to who contacted the Dark Brotherhood. (DB sopoilers)

User Info: Veezara

4 years ago#1
Some seem pretty obviouse. The miner for example we can assume it was her exhusband. The orc bard, I'd say the owner of the inn maybe hoping that being rid of him would get more customers(The girl in the tavern in Dawnstar should be careful if she ever comes to Morthal.)
Can't imagine why somebody thinks the beggar in Ivarstead deserves to die. Same with Anoriath unless there was a PETA member living in Skyrim that I hadn't heard about.
Helvard, I wouldn't be surprised if the former Jarl had something to do with that.
The pirate captain, I'd guess the girl who sells Balmora Blue, she does complain about being overworked. Or maybe just one of their victems. Any other ideas as to who contacts the DB?

User Info: thermopylae

4 years ago#2
those are good ideas. ive never thought about it. it does seem interesting. always something to learn in skyrim. i love this game.
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User Info: bebob26

4 years ago#3
As i remember, the bard was due to Astrid having a lottery to determine the "winner"...since there so many requests, lol. Maybe the innkeeper got lucky, idk. As for the elf in Whiterun...idk. I always thought his brother wanted you to whack him out...but I could never figure out exactly why. Maybe there's a note somewhere that can shed some light on it.
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User Info: SNESdude11

4 years ago#4
Nazeem obviously wanted Anoriath assassinated because his meat had too much fat.

User Info: elauka

4 years ago#5
yeah, cant say i every really cared who steered my blade, just as long as it found its target
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User Info: drugula89

4 years ago#6
Perhaps those targets stole somebody's sweet roll lol
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  3. Guesses to who contacted the Dark Brotherhood. (DB sopoilers)

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