Anyone miss the good old days?

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User Info: JCE666

4 years ago#1
I remember the first time I was in a drinking contest with the guy named Sam about a month after the game came out and I had absolutely no idea what would follow after drinking with him.IMO it's just a shame how dull the game has become considering the amount of boards and wikis I've read and that's not including the hundreds of hours spent in skyrim.I still love the game just hate that I've already done it all.

User Info: GriffRoberts

4 years ago#2
You can never play a game for the first time... twice. Such is life.
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#3
I miss the good old days of the board, game is still fun to me. I've slowed down playing it a bit but I can still get into it, the board has slowed down a little bit though. I miss the Crabdom, and the other shenanigans that happened here pre-release. Was fun times.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#4
I still avoid wikis, and only stop by this board to see if there's anything new I should know about. There are, I suspect, still things for me to discover.

Really, though, if you're calling November 2011 the 'good old days,' I hope someone hits you with a shovel today.
"'Grab the guns!' 'What about the troll?' 'Leave the troll.'"--ATHF

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#5
I miss Toeh...!
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User Info: kentuckybob

4 years ago#6
Meh... I thought this would be a morrowind topic
"You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?"

User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#7
GriffRoberts posted...
You can never play a game for the first time... twice. Such is life.


I played one character for about 500 hours before coming here, and I still find things over a thousand hours after that... Or I forgot I've found them anyway.
Casually Hardcore

User Info: zenandi

4 years ago#8
This is probably the only game where I make it a point not to explore the game (especially cities) fully the first time through... Get what you need from the store/quest, GTFO.

Still getting the odd surprise and new stuff right now... ^.^

User Info: thermopylae

4 years ago#9
when i stoped fast travel it opened up a lot of new random encounters and discovery. its not much but can extend the game a little longer.
The price of Victory is high, but so are the rewards.

User Info: Schesparn

4 years ago#10
I wish I could clear my brain's cache for games. Haha. I'd love to play through another Pokemon game blind.
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  3. Anyone miss the good old days?

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