The Thalmor

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User Info: Nathan_Allen

4 years ago#1
now you know there has to be at least 1 more DLC coming for this. i think it would be interesting to see some sort of dlc containing the thalmor. they pepper the thalmor throughout the game but really no worthwhile interaction but they should explain the main reason why. i think it should lead things back into letting Talos be worshipped again

User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#2
Yeah, because it'd totally make sense to see the fall of a government spanning three different provinces in one DLC.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#3
*face palm*

There will be no Thalmor DLC, people need to just accept this already.
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User Info: darkportal785

4 years ago#4
These topics need to stop.
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User Info: Torlovsk

4 years ago#5
I pretty much agree with what's been stated. To me, the Thalmor are too grand, monumental, and pervasive a problem and story to be relegated to a mere DLC. I feel it merits and deserves the focus of a whole game.

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