So, what were you doing at the border?

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User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#11
Sneaking through it from a carriage from from Elsweyr.

I was on a carriage with, say, 50 other Khajiit, much less than others I've seen. Anyway, when I told border control I was a Nord returning home he didn't believe me.

'pparently they don't like my kind and threw me on a carriage with Ulfric Stormcloak.
Remember FMLG told ya!
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User Info: RECON64bit

4 years ago#12
One interesting thing to note is that the PC, becomes fully aware of himself and, the first thing said to him is: "you are finally awake".

User Info: Pairedsnake

4 years ago#13
Trying to cross

User Info: Joe_Cobbs

4 years ago#14
I was Mexican.

User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#15
Joe_Cobbs posted...
I was Khajiit.

This pretty much sums up my story.

*does a merry dance
Remember FMLG told ya!
Sometimes I miss drugs.Then I read gamefaqs. - Beery <3

User Info: Tyrannosaurus

4 years ago#16
A couple buddies triple dog dared me to go streaking into Skyrim.
The rest is history.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#17
turn_based posted...
95_Eclipse posted...
I was battling Alduin on the south side of the border near the old blades base. The battle got rough and I told my son and daughter to retreat while I held him off, once they were safely away I retreated as well, my injuries were grave but I managed to slip away into the mountains, after a few months of downtime and recovery, I had lost much of my strength, I decided to head North back to my homeland of Skyrim.

There I was mistaken for a rebellion member and arrested on sight. Ironically, the very enemy that had injured me and drove me north, was the one who saved me and led to his own defeat later on.

You got me hooked! What about yer kids?!?! Ya leav'em behind?

No no, My Daughter retreated to Morrowind, as she suspected that's where I would go. And my son fell back into Skyrim, where he laid low for about 2 months. When he hadn't heard anything from me he returned to Cyrodiil to search for any clues.

By the time I had settled the final battle with Alduin, my Daughter had realized I wasn't in Morrowind and Headed back to Cyrodiil as well. My son by this time had followed clues to my whereabouts and followed my trail to Helgen. Once there he just found the burning ruins, but no sign of me, so he began searching Skyrim.

My daughter, after returning to Cyrodiil had heard that her brother had been there and headed north to Skyrim, so followed suit, when she found Helgen in ruin she headed North to the college of Winterhold, knowing that I knew she was a mage, and suspecting that if I'd look for her, that would be where I'd search first.

My son, after about 2 months of searching Skyrim, Had made a home in Markarth to use as a base. There he finally heard a clue he found interesting... "The dragonborn set up his home in Solitude". He hadn't reached solitude yet, and knowing that we had battled a dragon in Cyrodiil, this seemed like the best lead so far. So he decided to go straight there. When he arrived, he asked where he might find this "Dragonborn" and was directed to a house near the keep.

Finally he had located me. He asked why I hadn't searched for him, I explained the battles that had taken place and everything I'd been through, and told him that I figured it would be best if I just stayed in one place, knowing he would search, both of us being on the move would have decreased our chances of finding one another. I told him I suspected his sister would head to the college, but she wasn't there the last I had checked.

It was at that point he headed there, and found that she had indeed been there, and left a message for her. When she returned she got the message and came to solitude. She stayed with me for awhile, until I went to Solstheim, after hearing about something strange going on, I had once called that place home, so I went to check it out. I since settled there and moved from Solitude, my daughter built a home down near Whiterun in the Dawnstar region and my son continues to live in Markarth.

We've had a few adventures in between, but that's the jist of it :P
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User Info: Rayzorium

4 years ago#18
Oh good, someone else wrote a serious response so I don't have to feel nerdy. >_>

She was raised as a household servant of a wealthy family in northern Cyrodiil. She was actually the squeeze of the head of the estate, but after his passing, she got the hell out of Dodge, correctly suspecting that his insanely jealous heiress would try to kill her.

Skyrim seemed like her best bid for safety, being a different country after all. A small hit squad found her near the border, which she barely dispatched, with no small amount of help from Berserker Rage (yup, orc).

She had shaken her pursuers, but, injured and battle-worn, her capture came shortly afterward.

User Info: The_Viking_Swan

4 years ago#19
I was chasing Alduin because he stole all my loot from the previous game.
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User Info: nathraxh

4 years ago#20
Robbin' travelers like a real Orc.

Probably deserved to be on that cart.
Dwarf shortage.
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