So, what were you doing at the border?

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  3. So, what were you doing at the border?

User Info: GateCaptain

4 years ago#41
You kill a few Royal family members and they get all upset.

User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#42
Defecting from the Thalmor. Found a nice little cabin by the river to write my manifestos and plan my revenge.
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User Info: The_Katarn

4 years ago#43
Regaining my sense after I was sucked through a time portal, along with my olds 88 and most of the cabin I was occupying at the time the portal was formed.
"People who design something to be completely foolproof often underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
- Ford Prefect

User Info: Rikiaz

4 years ago#44
I senced the Necromancer's Amulet in Skyrim and decided to look for it. My character is a necromancer and mantled Mannimarco during the Oblivion Crisis so I could detect his artifacts locations.
In death lays ecstasy, in undeath lays immortality

User Info: LazyAssNinja

4 years ago#45
Stole someone's sweet roll and was headed to border to escape the authorities.
"Evil doesn't worry about not being good." - The Grey Warden

User Info: Slayerslug

4 years ago#46
Takin a dookie. I got caught with my pants down literally.
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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#47
Got lost looking for some snake necklace for that ***** in Bruma.
"Screw the rules, I have money!!!"

User Info: Valtiel43

4 years ago#48
Trying to steal some wifi of course.
"Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves."

User Info: fat_irish_guy

4 years ago#49
smuggling skooma and skooma accesories
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#50
Beating my meat
"Holler if ya need me, holler if ya need reefer, CUZ I BE BALLIN'"
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  3. So, what were you doing at the border?

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