So, what were you doing at the border?

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User Info: Tyrannosaurus

4 years ago#71
I barely escaped Ostagar. The battle was a blood bath. What I witnessed out there... I am a Grey Warden and I have an oath, but the horrors got the best of me. When I saw Duncan... I fled into the wilds. Out there I begged the maker for another chance to prove myself and avenge my fallen comrads. That is when Flemeth came. She offered me a chance for redemption, another land that I must go. She said I must slay a powerful dragon there, and I would be returned to her in exactly 10 years.

I accepted her offer. She led me to a large mirror, it was a portal of some kind. I had to leave all my equipment behind.
Shortly after I appeared in this (freezing cold) new land, I was arrested and nearly executed. I met the dragon though...
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User Info: Dark_Magikarp

4 years ago#72
Fapping furiously
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User Info: nfl89

4 years ago#73
95_Eclipse posted...
I was battling Alduin on the south side of the border near the old blades base. The battle got rough and I told my son and daughter to retreat while I held him off, once they were safely away I retreated as well, my injuries were grave but I managed to slip away into the mountains, after a few months of downtime and recovery, I had lost much of my strength, I decided to head North back to my homeland of Skyrim.

There I was mistaken for a rebellion member and arrested on sight. Ironically, the very enemy that had injured me and drove me north, was the one who saved me and led to his own defeat later on.

good except, how do you know you were dragonborn back them?

User Info: Falletaris

4 years ago#74

Singing too much, Imperials can't stand my style
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User Info: Sabram

4 years ago#75
Had wandered the lands for the last couple hundred years after the oblivion crisis, just happened to try to get into skyrim on the wrong road. These things can happen even to an immortal

(Breton Vampiress, same character in morrowing, oblivion, and skyrim)
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User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#76
I was a mercenary before the Great War, and a soilder during it. After the Great War I helped my fellow Redguards take control of Southern Hammerfell. While I was in service a group of assassins sent by the dominion killed my family. When I returned I was informed of this. So I began a hunt for each of the assassins. I caught the wood elf while he was tracking a deer. I took down the groups torturer while he was planning his next target. Sadly their leader J'datharr was already making his next attack.

The next target was a veteran that I had served with. I had never seen one like him. He used no spells or weapons. He said only his body was trustworthy enough to use in combat. But, his oddest quality was his face. He had strange colored eyes, and made uncomfortable faces while in sunlight. His name was Movarth. I got there after he had been shot by a fire enchanted bow. He was going to die, and J'datharr was going to escape. I had to choose one. Death of a murderer or an old ally.

I dropped the lifeless body of Movarth off at a nearby healer, and continued my search. Found information leading me to Skyrim. I noticed a group of men in blue and one in black walking. I was going to ask if they had seen the assassin. We were ambushed and taken hostage.
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User Info: SolKarellen

4 years ago#77
I was supposed to be captured.

Bosmer Agent who reported directly to the Emperor; only a select few in the Oculatus knew of my service. I was to serve the Emperor's interests independently in Skyrim. Tasks included assessing the Foresworn situation, infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood, undermine the Aldmeri Dominion in anyway I saw fit, and possibly end the Stormcloak conflict. My capture at the border was supposed to be a ruse to get me in the country without raising any eyebrows.

Unfortunately, that damn Redguard Captain missed the memo as something went awry in the command structure.

Unbeknownst to me, my infiltration of the Dark Brotherhood was a scheme by the Emperor to insure his own assassination--thereby galvanizing the Imperials into actively returning to war against the Dominion.

When I was set up by a gang of thieves as a child in a audacious plan to steal from the Emperor's bedchambers, he caught me and saw through their plan--I was simply a distraction so my "comrades" could pilfer the storehouses. He told me I was being deceived, and pointed my out comrades deceit. He told me,

"A pawn--that is what you are. But would you like to see the true rewards of service? Come, you have quite some potential. Now, may I humbly ask that you serve me?"

The reward for my service was the unification of the Empire, and my own freedom. The Oculatus set ablaze the ship, and I escaped unbound. My reward was now my own freedom; I lived in Skyrim for the rest of my life as a new man.
"There'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people."

User Info: EddMario

4 years ago#78
The_Katarn posted...
Regaining my sense after I was sucked through a time portal, along with my olds 88 and most of the cabin I was occupying at the time the portal was formed.

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User Info: Dougymc

4 years ago#79
I was looking for the legion with a group of my friends. We had... unfinished business. Instead, we were attacked by the rebels and both sides suffered heavy losses. Only the 7 (ignoring Lokir) people on the carts survived the fight and then the Imperials showed up and you know the rest.

User Info: Ajd_King

4 years ago#80
Redguard on a horse.
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