So, what were you doing at the border?

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User Info: Sab_Liath

4 years ago#81
Me? I was travelling to Skyrim because that was where my dreams had led me. I had a peaceful life, working at an Inn in Anvil when one night the dreams began... they were always the same: I saw a warrior, dressed in heavy armor standing on an snowy ridge. From his tail, I could tell this warrior was an Argonian, like me. From the skies, a pitch-black dragon with piercing red eyes dived in and attacked. the warrior and the dragon clashed back and forth, until the dragon knocked the warrior's helmet off, revealing the warrior to be me! I then awoke, and felt an odd sensation tugging at me... telling me to travel north.

Not long after, I told my boss, who was wearing that odd ring of his, the one shaped like a star and a crecent moon, about my dream. Almost immediately, he told me I should persue this dream, wherever it took me.

I packed my belongings, including my steel sword, some basic leather armor, the old amulet that was the only heirloom I had, and some potions, and began my journey. I travelled up the road, passing the long rebuilt city of Kvatch, followed by Skingrad, and eventually arrived at the Imperial City. There, I payed a visit to the Temple of the One, and prayed for a safe journey... So much for that, it seems.

As I was crossing the Jerall Mountains through Pale Pass, I decided to take a disued backroad to cut some distance of my jouney to Helgen, the nearest town according to my map. I'm left to wonder how things would have changed if I had stuck to the main road... I mean, how could I have known that the Leigion was setting up an ambush for Ulfric Stormcloak on that same disused trail? I don't blame the Leigion for my capture, though: it was that Altmer, Elenwen, who had me put on that cart.

I remember clearly as I lay down on the Headsman's block, and watched as the very same dragon I'd seen in my dreams landed atop the main tower of the Helgen Keep... and distictly remember hearing a voice in the back of my mind saying what sounded like a name: Alduin. I was lucky to escape as Alduin attacked and destoryed Helgen, and glad that Hadvar realized that I was nothing but a victim of circumstance.
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

4 years ago#82
It was just a routine arrest, an-yes, a routine arrest, don't give me that look. You wouldn't have that look on your face if you weren't a human!

Anyway, it was a routine arrest, I expected to get released after 72 hours, but that Redguard Captain in Helgen must have been on that time of the month, and ordered ALL of us be executed.

I learned later the "reason" for me being arrested was totally bogus. Apparently they were arresting everyone who killed legionnaires on that particular battle field. That's racial and cultural profiling, damn it! If this were 'merica, I'd sue!
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User Info: JMCYoda

4 years ago#83
Someone stole my sweetroll, I was just looking for them. So I could shoot an arrow in his/her/its knee so they wouldn't steal anyone else's!
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User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#84
I was on my way to butcher Thalmor but I was stopped at a border crossing Inn getting drunk and was arrested.
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User Info: apotheo

4 years ago#85
I took the Mexican approach and figured I was going to jump the border into Skyrim and try and get an education and send money back to my starving family in Bravil.

User Info: FluffyDr

4 years ago#86
Nord soldier returning from the war. I'd been granted a release by the Emperor himself for my service, but lost the paper work, so I was arrested as a deserter,
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