So which dragon shout do you use the most?

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  3. So which dragon shout do you use the most?

User Info: Rampagingwalrus

4 years ago#21
In combat, Ice Form.
Sneaking around, hear a random animal noise or hit "detected" status with nothing in sight, Aura Whisper.
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#22
summon durnehviir and sour tear.

Cause I love my big undead dragon and soul tear nets me a soul if it kills as well as a free raised corpse
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User Info: Nicodaemos

4 years ago#23
Marked for death.
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User Info: Mister_Vanilla

4 years ago#24
Im kinda alone with elemental fury I see.

Something about that dual wielding blender of death. I just get misty eyed thinking about it.

User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#25
Slow Time and Marked for Death are my 2 most used shouts, which one gets used more depends on the character.
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User Info: Swordmaster5555

4 years ago#26
If I'm not Fus Roh Dah'ing
I be Fus Roh Dying.
See what I did there? :D

User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#27
unrelenting force.
its just useful for every single character and every playstyle. its got a really short cooldown. the single word shout is useful for a quick interrupt or stagger. helps close the gap on casters and archers, while keeping the cooldown short enough to allow a second one shortly after.

the three word is great for crowd control and as a panic button so you can heal up and have a breather.

i actually get thrown off if i have something else equipped since i always assume i have unrelenting force equipped.
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User Info: SaddIebags

4 years ago#28
My thieving/backstabbing/sniping requires Aura Whisper quite frequently.

I imagine different characters/play styles require different dependence on shouts.

User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#29
pandemonium posted...
Throw Voice

Only one that's worth it.

But a bow and arrow accomplish the same thing, without a cool down ;_;
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  3. So which dragon shout do you use the most?

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