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4 years ago#1
Okay so my dark elf is level 50, ive put all of my leveling up points into stamina i can carry tons and to tons of power attacks, so shoul i keep putting them into stamina, or should i put the rest in health nd magic.
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User Info: Savagegatts

4 years ago#2
ok how many points if more than ten you might want to start over because you might get one hit killed or kill camd alot so answer to your question yes certainly most certainly not unless you plan on playing on novice the whole time then if so just start now or get enchanted equipment to fix the missing health or magicka you might need
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4 years ago#4
Okay ill put the rest into magic and health, the reason i dont die really easy is because my armor rating is at 700 and my attack is at 158
a''KiD Named CuDI''

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