I'm thinking of a Wildman / Old school Nord type RP build.

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  3. I'm thinking of a Wildman / Old school Nord type RP build.

User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

4 years ago#11
The first thing that came to my mind was Conan the Barbarian. Since I never saw the movies, I can't give advice on how to make that character act.
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User Info: Justin2Krelian

4 years ago#12
I like this idea. Similar to the "Dragonborn" RP some people have suggested, but without the main quest.

User Info: BuzzyTheCat

4 years ago#13
Mine so far (first play through) has been very similar to some of the things suggested.

Right now I am wearing Hide armor without the bracers, a steel horned helmet, and wielding my steel warhammer. I crafted them and upgraded them myself. Eventually thinking about wearing Wolf armor and using the Rueful Axe but I am not too sure.

I dont live in cities (right now I am staying in the Lakeview manor (out in the woods) decorated with all the heads I can hunt, and skulls I can collect. When I run into hunters out in the wild, if they arent Nord, they are dead. Not too sure if I want to go Werewolf yet, and I wish I could marry Aela from the Companions :/ She is the only one I have liked so far

I was going to name him Thor... but it seemed too... obvious, so I went with Odin :)
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User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#14
konokonohamaru posted...
I'm trying to RP a build like this at the moment too.

Do you guys have hunting advice? It takes me a while to find animals and even when I do, they seem to detect me and run away quite easily.

The Tundra, the low lying plains outside of Whiterun. Wolves, Sabre Cats, Elk, Deer, Mud Crabs, and Fox can all be found there. It's fairly open, and with the hills you can see and stalk your prey from afar.

And you have to get that Sneak skill up. Also, as your Archery gets stronger, and you get better bows and arrows, you'll be able to one-hit most animals.
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User Info: staindbydesign

4 years ago#15
hey im currently building the same style setup with a female nord. i have about all the same perks except 2handed im useing duel one handed and useing forsworn weapons but im on ps3 so i dont have updates yet (don't know if it makes any difference) that and i personally thing female nords look hot in the saviors hide or forsworn armor
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  3. I'm thinking of a Wildman / Old school Nord type RP build.

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