Is it Possible/Difficult to change a Character's Roles throughout the game?

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  3. Is it Possible/Difficult to change a Character's Roles throughout the game?

User Info: Omni024

4 years ago#1
I'm thinking on my next play through, I would like to make a man who starts the beginning of the game debating with his moral qualms. I want him to be a thief at first, someone who doesn't care about being the Dragonborn and who came to Skyrim to lie and steal. During the game, he'll lose his morals as he sinks lower and lower into the depths of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, finally achieving the lowest of all possible points when he accepts the invitation to become a vampire.
I don't like really playing evil characters though, so at some point I'm going to have him something happen to him that makes him start questioning his own morals and then finally deciding to seek out redemption. (( Part of it might be to basically kill all Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild members or some such. ))
This is the only way I can justify doing some of the evil quests in this game. (( Trying TO RP something sensible while not Mary Sueing it up )).

Anyhow, here's the real point of this thread. Because he's going to be evil in the one half of his career, I;d like to invest in the Thief/Assassin Build, upping skills in each of them. (( Things like Sneak, Light Armor, and such)) But for the second part of the game, I;d like to change his build to more of a Warrior Type. So what do you think? Would it really be all that hard to accomplish investing in SKill sets for the early part and then about facing and going after the Warrior sets afterwards?

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#2
Depends on just how deep you get into the Thief skills. If you changed to the Warrior Stone at the appropriate point, it would help. And obviously you'd have to fight a lot to get those skills up.

Sounds like a cool RP. What event is going to change your character's heart? The Main Quest? Marriage? Adopting a child? Etc.
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User Info: kgood0521

4 years ago#3
I switched from a battle mage to a dual sword to a two handed axe in heavy daedric armor and now im a nimble sword n board in light armor(armor rating above 600 now) with a little bit of sneak. All of that and I'm at a lvl 52.
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User Info: JackNurSnakPack

4 years ago#4
Not in the slightest, just get the dragonborn dlc. problems solved.
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User Info: Omni024

4 years ago#5
I haven't really thought about what it would take to change his mind. I know that I'll have him do the quest where he cleanses himself of his vampire status and that might be what really changes him. Maybe something he does as a vamp. (( like maybe turning Serena Human? Don't know if you can Cure if if you go Vamp side. ))
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  3. Is it Possible/Difficult to change a Character's Roles throughout the game?

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