detect life spell book (maybe spoiler)

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  3. detect life spell book (maybe spoiler)

User Info: biglee610

4 years ago#1
Do court mages sell this book? Or where can it be found? I think I missed the one in the companions werewolf lair, and I can't get back in there now.

User Info: thor23

4 years ago#2
I think you need to be a high level, or a high alteration skill level for it to be stocked.

There is one guaranteed copy that isn't too hard to get though. Between Riften and Ivarstead, there's a camp next to a fort. Talk to the guy at the camp and he'll send you on an infiltration mission. The reward is a Detect Life spell tome.

User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#3
Have you traveled the Rift extensively? Between Rrrrriften and Iverstead is a fort that has 3 bandit looking people sitting around a campfire. The guy's name is Stalleo(?) He asks for help clearing out the fort. Follow the instructions, complete the quest, and you should receive a detect life spell book.

It's not Falldir's Tooth or whatever, it's further west than that.

Good luck, I hope that helped...
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  3. detect life spell book (maybe spoiler)

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