How much more powerfull should Destruction be for you to feel like its not UP?

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  3. How much more powerfull should Destruction be for you to feel like its not UP?

User Info: GriffRoberts

4 years ago#71

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up
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User Info: The_Beer_Scotch

4 years ago#72
rx54 posted...
theonyxphoenix posted...
Every time destruction viability is debated, a puppy dies.

Don't kill puppies.

If it isn't underpowered then melee is overpowered.



I have wow open on my other screen. But I thought this was the skyrim boards.
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User Info: The_Beer_Scotch

4 years ago#73
GriffRoberts posted...

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

Do I appear in every topic with lengthy explanations?

Most likely.


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User Info: iDubstep

4 years ago#74
Telemaekus posted...
Not even close, because of Impact. You have to figure you would have no armor to go with your one-hander, so you would get slaughtered on master. With Impact and Destruction, you would win eventually lol.

How is impact going to help you when 3 or 4 enemies are attacking from all sides and you can barely damage them? How would you even stunlock more than one enemy without gear that reduces casting cost? You'd run out of MP almost immediately...

Also every weapon skill can stagger as well, so I don't see the point of bringing Impact up in the first place as if its unique...

However yes you are right is pretty dumb to compare it by itself as nobody does that, its just proving the point that destro is weaker than weapons in any situation. I still can't believe anybody is arguing otherwise... try playing the game and educating yourself first before you say destroy is anything but inferior...

User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#75
Destruction is fun.

User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#76
No one seems to understand the topic at all. What he is saying is compare one fighting skill with destruction ( without perks, enchantments, etc.) and you can clearly see destruction is extremely weak in comparison.
It requires a lot of maintenance just to be viable where as other combat skills require very little maintenance and are more viable early on. Other combat methods also become stronger as they level where as spells get slightly cheaper to use but not stronger and ultimately cost reduction is completely pointless once you can fortify all cost to zero with enchanting and alchemy making leveling spells utterly pointless other than unlocking perks in their skill trees (1/3 of which reduces the cost of spells only)
In truth, the only way to boost damage is through potions and exploits and that's just lame.
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User Info: FreeMan5407

4 years ago#79
no one respond to my previously post, i guess i was right

anyway i love this kind of topics, debating thing can be interesting

destruction is viable , however compare to the other skills especially magics and the offensive skills it sucks big time, it really is underpower , you thing a skill with the name of destruction will lack of damage, spells, usefulness and variety? , i think a proper name should be elemental magic or goodies

User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#80
PimpHandofGod posted...
Spell crafting

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  3. How much more powerfull should Destruction be for you to feel like its not UP?

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