How many more add-ons do you think they'll make, if any?

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  3. How many more add-ons do you think they'll make, if any?

User Info: apotheo

4 years ago#1
I don't know if they ever made an announcement about this or anything.. If they did, I missed it. I'm hoping they make at least a few more, although I'm not sure if that's realistic to hope for... What do you guys think? None? A few more? Many to come? There is a huge profit potential there since Skyrim sold so well and the next TES:6 shouldn't even be heard of for a few more years... What do you think?

User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#2
They originally posted on twitter I believe around when the game was about to be released that they "planned" several DLCs if they make several that's a completely different story.
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User Info: Rikashi

4 years ago#3
I'm guessing either a big one, or two smaller ones.
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User Info: Fate_Assassin

4 years ago#4
At least 3 more another small one like Hearthfire, a medium one like Dawnguard, and a large one like Dragonborn.

Now I'm hoping for three large DLCs, and for them to follow a pattern like this.
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User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#5
I just want a castle. And not a dark, creepy one.

User Info: Falletaris

4 years ago#6
My thoughts are that there will be one big one, larger than what Dragonborn, and 1 small one, a little larger than Hearthfire. Hopefully the bigger one will have some new dragon priests and a new island or something separate from Skyrim. As for the smaller one, I hope it will a lot less tedious than what Hearthfire ended up being with all of the materials that you needed.
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User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#7
I'd rather have no more dragon-ey stuff, I haven't even played much of dragonborn as it is...

I want something fresh, not redone or revisited like Solstheim.

The apocrypha is different, but it's no shivering isles, they didn't make it a desirable place to hang out and get lost in all the books. And the tentacles...

So yeah, give me an ashpit and the scorned and lets give trinni a rebirthing or something like that, something for the head, or not. Absorb spells would be nice too..
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User Info: Idziman

4 years ago#8
I hope either a revitlizing to the Dwemer/Falmer, or perhaps going to Orsinium. Orsinium would be good for a smaller DLC.
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  3. How many more add-ons do you think they'll make, if any?

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