Most Epic Kill*possible spoilers*

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User Info: ColonelHawk

4 years ago#1
As the title says, what is your most epic kill? Mine(Atleas on my current character) was when I assassinated The Emperor. First I Furied him, then the game decided it wanted to give me a jumping slash kill cam. Pretty simple, and the awesomeness is more due to the combination of the killcam and circumstances, but still cool nonetheless.

User Info: rodman870

4 years ago#2
Seems more like apparent spoilers.

Mine was probably the first sprigan I killed. That thing went down with a fight >:l
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User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#3
you're saying your most epic kill is toying with a defenseless old man? thats pretty sad bro. pretty sad
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User Info: CaptainWolf

4 years ago#4
Vampiric Grip skeet-shooting.
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User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#5
Solstheim, on the small northern island with the dragon and the horkers. Every time I've dragonrended him, he simply flies off to the east. So I Thunderbolt him this time until he lands, and I proceed to wail on him with the Ebony Blade.

This was my full Mage, armored up and wielding melee so I was getting better than I got. Even with the Blade maxed out, I needed to fall back and heal, and Respite for stamina, daylight VL. After several rounds of this, we are on the steep beach on the west side of the island, and with one final overhand power attack, he finally collapses and begins to slide off the beach.

The Epic part, I run into the water to loot him, and as I tread water a dozen or so feet down, he begins to burn and release his soul, as he tumbles down into the depths trailing fire as he disappears into the dark.
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User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#6
Mine is more like an epic battle but it has my most epic kill. I was at a bandit camp north of Whiterun. Kharjo and I were fighting the bandits and a dragon appeared. It lands outside the bandit camp and all of us stop fighting each other and kill the dragon. Kharjo slayed it with a kill cam.

The battle resumes and one of the bandits yells "No one bests an orc" after he says it a saber cat pounces on him and kills him in one hit. I leave the cat to Kharjo and go to face an archer on top of a small tower. He is getting ready to shoot his bow when a different saber cat that no one saw yet pounces and takes the bandit off the ledge, but the cat also fell off.

I turn my attention to a nearby bandit and get a decapitation kill cam on him. I notice Kharjo is getting his ass handed to him and I go help him. We kill one saber cat, but the other takes Kharjo down. I have no potions left and a sliver of health. So I run. I get to this spot turn around and see the Saber cat chasing me. I stand there. I've given up. It pounces and just falls through a trap hole and dies from the spikes at the bottom.
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User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#7
A magma dragon (Deadly Dragons) attacking the front gates of Windhelm. Every guard in the area ran of to their deaths, so Me, Thornir from Monster Wars, and the 6 Ice Giants from Monster Wars that attack Windhelm fought the dragon for 20 minutes. Only me, Thornir, and 2 almost dead Ice Giants survived.
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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

4 years ago#8
Glitched it had no shout cooldown then Unrelenting Force to 3 bandits over and over and over and over

User Info: ColonelHawk

4 years ago#9
zerobobo posted...
you're saying your most epic kill is toying with a defenseless old man? thats pretty sad bro. pretty sad

That's why I Furied him first, so I wouldn't feel as bad about killing him. But like I said, the game gave me a jumpslash killcam against THE EMPEROR OF TAMRIEL. That qualifies as epic in my book.

User Info: thor23

4 years ago#10
I got a killcam of me beheading the Emperor with a scimitar. Pretty nice. Then I ate his head.
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