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User Info: nytecrawla

4 years ago#1
Howdy folks, this topic is a simple attempt to reconcile all of the scattered topics and requests for modding saves. This will (hopefully) become a one stop shop for the community at large to get a hold of modded saves, get a quick how to on transferring save files, explore what modding can and cannot do (including to your Live account), and suggestions on what to include in a request.

First things first, a link to the current discussion thread:

That is the current thread for submissions, and while it would be nice to have it tagged and stickied, I think it would serve the community more to have a properly arranged and laid out topic in its place.

1. What you need and where to find it.

The first question that people ask is "what program do I need?" Generally, there are two accepted options for this. The first is Modio, and the second is Horizon. Both of these programs are available via a quick google/bing/yahoo/whatever search. They are also attached to larger communities that offer updates and basic instructions on their use.

Next you are gonna need an external USB, at least 1.5 Gigs (preferably 4 or larger) in size. Easy enough with the current price and availability of thumb/jump/flash drives. You will need to format that drive for use with your 360. You don't want to use all of the drive for the 360, because you are gonna need some space for the PC to access.

Note: You can also use the Cloud if you prefer, but I am not personally familiar with using it and cannot give advice on it.

Once you have all that set up, you are at the fun part. Transferring saves. This is as simple as finding the save, copying it to the new drive and then popping that bad boy into your PC for offloading. I recommend creating a new profile at this point on the new device you are using that you will specifically use for modding games and will only use while offline especially if you are worried about getting banned or what have you by the big bad wolf at Xbox Live.

2. Transferring saves to the PC

The first thing you want to do is open your modding program. Once that is done, you will access the USB drive through the programs GUI. You will then copy your newly created profile to a new folder on your desktop called Game Saves or something similar. This part is important, you need to have a central location to move saves to and from, a hub, if you will. (Some people get fancy with sub-folders by system, genre, game, modded and unmodded, etc)

You still with me? You've got a new folder for your saves right? Shiny and nice, ready for use. You've copied your profile to that new folder too right? Great! Next comes moving your original save and backing it up. You will repeat the same basic process, copying the save from your USB and moving it to your destination folder.

Now we are ready for phase 3. Modding!

Note: At this point, you may want to have access to a website for modding, or be cool with someone who can mod your save. You may even be able to do this yourself, and if that is the case, why are you reading this?

3. Making a list of changes, or being a good requester.

Most of the time, a person will request some changes or mods to be made for a file, but they won't do the leg work. This can be annoying for the modder/complete stranger who is doing you a favor. The very least you can do is put together a list of changes and ID's or console commands needed to make those changes. I recommend creating a simple notepad file with a list of changes on it.

Well don't that just beat all?

User Info: nytecrawla

4 years ago#2
Okay, a good place to make that list is the UESP, as they have most of the console commands listed, and almost every ID as well. You can use the Wiki as well, though I prefer the former.

A sample notes file will look like this:

Here is the list of items and abilities to be added:

ID number, amount

Ebony Arrow: 000139bf (1,000,000 units)
Karliah's Bow: 000deed8
Briarheart Geis: 000ae087
Hooded Black Robes: 00107108 (5 units)
Amulet of the Elder Council: 000C8913
Silver Amethyst Ring: 000877A7
Skeleton Key: 0003a070



Battle Cry: 000e40c3
Dread Cloak: 000ed0a9
Voice of the Emperor: 000e40ca
Dragon Infusion: 000f5ffa
Force Without Effort: 00e8281

See what I did there? I have a very clear and concise list of what I want, the item ID for what I want, the console command that would be used, and how many of each item I would like. This isn't the end-all be all list, but is merely a suggestion of a format to use.

Once you have put your wishlist together, you need to put your file online for someone to access.

4. Extracting a .dat file and posting it up.

You still have Horizon/Modio open right? Awesome. Remember that save file you copied to your back-up folder? You are gonna extract the .dat from that bad boy. This is fairly easy to do, especially in the user friendly Horizon. You will drag and drop the file itself into the large window area to the left of your USB menu. Once you have done that you are gonna click on the contents tab at the top right. You should then see 'savegame.dat'.

That's our huckleberry. Right click on it and select 'Extract'. Save the .dat to, you guessed it, our handy dandy back-up folder. Now you are one step closer to the edge of glory.

Once you have a notes.txt file and a savegame.dat file extracted, you need to post them on the web for access. The best way to do this is to use something like mediafire or its ilk to share files. You guys are young and hip, so you should be able to figure it out. Compress the files together if you like for easy uploading, and voila, upload and share away.

Note: At this point, most of this is out of your hands. You are gonna have to wait for someone to do your bidding. Once you have secured a suitable gopher, just twiddle your thumbs and wait, they have all the power now, fool!

5. Putting your save back together.

Hopefully you have received your fresh, hot, made-to-order modded file. Now, you need to put it to use. You are gonna create a new folder (yes, another one) inside of your back-up folder called "character name edited" and download the modded file there.

Once that is done, you are open Horizon (or Modio for you plebes) and inject the savegame.dat into your old file. Note: You may want to create a new file for this, don't worry, the important bit is the .dat portion. You will drag and drop it into the open area on the left side of the USB bar in Horizon, click on the 'content' tab in the upper right, right click the savegame.dat and select replace. You will then select the modded savegame.dat file and wait a second or two. Once you realize it is done (the computer hasn't exploded, your good) you will click on the 'Save, Rehash, and Resign' tab and select your profile (the one on the USB that you made for modded games).

Your done!

Well don't that just beat all?

User Info: nytecrawla

4 years ago#3
6. Test, verify, show gratitude.

At this point you are free to move your USB back to your Xbox and test your save. It helps to reference the list of changes you asked for to make sure they all took place. Once you have verified that everything works (or doesn't) shoot a pm to the modder and tell them how it went. If you need to get something fixed, ask them if they would be kind enough to do so, but don't get mad if they can't comply immediately. They aren't your personal modding monkey.

Once everything is satisfactory, you are free to enjoy the world of modded saves!

Welcome, enjoy the ride.

7. A quick word on Xbox Live

Most of the time, your account won't be messed with if you simply modify a save for offline, private use in a single player game. If you delve into the world of achievement modding, be aware that you do so at your own risk. It is generally a good idea to use vanilla saves for online games and multiplayer, especially on a separate profile. I have been modding my saves for over two years and have never had an issue, mostly due to using good sense.

*Don't use a modded save in a multiplayer game, You will get banned.

*Don't try to give yourself a perfect 1000 Gamerscore in every game you own, all at once, you will get banned.

*Use your good sense. If you have a little voice telling you not to do something, don't do it.

*Do your research and do it well. Make sure you are 100% COMFORTABLE using a modded save before you take the plunge.

8. Links and references

I won't be giving you the goodies, but I will include a few helpful links to make this process easier,


Skyrim Wikia:

Youtube Tutorials for the reading impaired:
Note: slightly outdated, but good for beginners

Honeyside Mod for 360:

Hope this helps, and as always, thanks for reading!


Seriously, you might just be helping to make the boards a better place. At the very least you are making this easier to find.
Well don't that just beat all?

User Info: agentspoon

4 years ago#4
*stands in the rafters*
HOLY ****! What is this? Forged in Gods very flames! Do mine eyes tell me lies? A new Elder Scrolls game?
Time is nigh, I must fly, Venture forth on my quest!

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#5
good guide.
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User Info: nytecrawla

4 years ago#6
Thanks, took a little longer than I wanted it to, mostly because I can't edit my posts yet. (seriously, why is this a thing GFaqs? i get limiting posts per day, but I don't get not allowing editing. That's kinda dumb.)

I already see some typos that I really want to fix....should have proofread better I suppose.
Well don't that just beat all?

User Info: the_old_days

4 years ago#7
May as well *request sticky*.

User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#8
So the purpose of this topic is what... so we request things here or learn how to request?
Remember FMLG told ya!
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User Info: the_old_days

4 years ago#9
FMLG posted...
So the purpose of this topic is what... so we request things here or learn how to request?

I'd say both.

User Info: Joe_Cobbs

4 years ago#10

*smoke bomb*
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