New build.. Got some questions..

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User Info: Dragoon08

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,

Here is the skills I would like to focus on

Light Armor
One Hand
(When all of those are done, I will level Alchemy and Enchanting with the remaining perks I have, I really don't want to level 3 crafts for the sake of my sanity)

I have some questions though..

1. How should I level up my Magicka, Health and stamina at each level?

2. I will focus on the main storyline first then brotherhood. When would you say it is a good time to halt on the main storyline and go dive Brotherhood ans side quests?

3. I guess my tactic is to cast invisibility and sneak attack most ennemies. I was thinking going with one hand sword. Would I gimp myself for not using daggers? (not really a dagger fan) If yes, I will get the assassin perk)

4. Should I dual wield? (I just like the idea of having a free hand for spells)

5 Is speech really worth it? I like the fact that you can sell everything to any vendor.. But I'd like some input on this if possible!

6. Do you think the skills I choose are good? If not, what do you suggest?

I think this is it for now.. Any advice is always good..

Thank you,

EDIT: 7. What would be the best way to do ranged damage? :)
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User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#2
1/2/1 is pretty safe.

Dragon attacks stop while you are sent on a quest to Kynsgrove, and resume after. Might be a good time.

Swords x6 daggers x15, up to you.

Dual wield can be the highest dps and you can always switch out to a spell.

Speech can be worth it if you don't plan on the thieves guild quest, investing helps unload loot, and persuasion and bribes may come in handy. I only use it for RP characters myself.

Restoration, alteration and speech may be better off left till later. You have a lot of skills and it's easy to become spread to thin and not very good at any of them. Start alchemy right away, look up a guide for ingredients so you don't wast too much time, but it still takes a while. Potion and poisons with multiple effects can become very useful. Just don't worry about putting too many perks in it right away, 3 or 4 but only when 1hand, sneak, light armor and archery are stalled.

Illusion is also a perk heavy and intensive tree to use. Muffle will help keep you undetected and level you as well, but fury, calm and fear spells can keep you alive, so use them.
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User Info: AndroxineVortex

4 years ago#3
I wouldn't stress too much about your build. Yeah having different builds is fun but don't let it restrict yourself to the point where you are constantly questioning your actions. Illusion is one of the most powerful schools of magic but doesn't get really good until you invest some time adding perks. Plus some of the spells can get pretty expensive so I would recommend upgrading your magicka. I personally never invest in stamina. Now don't forget to add some points into health.

Alteration can be useful but to me it sounds like you are playing as a stealth character and most alteration spells are for upping your defense. I wouldn't stress too much about when to do what quests. You'll Get to it eventually so what's the rush. The main appeal of skyrim is to watch your character grow over time so don't do what my friend did and become level eighty one in like a week and a half once he couldn't level anymore he said he just felt overpowered and didn't feel a strive to play as his dude.

But play around with your dude and if something doesn't feel right then change it. Don't worry too much about it and just play the game. I used to worry about every single thing about my character and I'm nut saying that's what you're doing but I have a lot more fun taking my time and enjoying the ride. Have fun!

User Info: Dragoon08

4 years ago#4
Thanks alot for the feedback.. It really helped me in deciding the build of my character.

One hand

5 Armsman > 2 Dual Flurry > 1 Dual Savagery > 1 Fighting Stance > 1 Savage Strike > 1 Critical Charge > 1 paralyzing Strike

Light armor

5 Agile Defender > 1 Custom Fit > 1 Unhindered > 1 Wind Walker > 1 Matching Set > 1 Deft Movement


5 Haggling > 1 Allure > 1 Merchant > 1 Persuasion > 1 Investor > 1 Intimidation > 1 Fence > 1 Master Trader


1 Steel > 1 Elven > 1 Advanced > 1 Arcane > 1 Glass > 1 Dragon


5 Enchanter > 1 Insightful > 1 Corpus > 1 Extra Effect > 1 Fire > 1 Frost > 1 Storm


5 Alchemist > 1 Physician > 1 Benefactor > 1 Poisoner > 1 Concentrated Poison

Just one last question.

I'd like to know if this is a good progression for my quests (I would do dawnguard right from the start but something tells me I won't be able to)

Main Story > Stop at Kynesgrove > Thief Quest > Dawnguard > The Dark Brotherhood > Sidequests > Civil War > Main Quest > Dragonborn

Thing is, if I stop at kynesgrove, I won't have dragon attacks nor dragonbone materials which might suck since I'll be hitting the crafts alot..!

I really want to be a vampire lord as soon as I can (kinda like the merchant who is hiding a big secret)

I thought of the thieve's guild first because of the nice armor.. But if someone convinces me to do dawnguard at the start, I will because man Vampire Lord looks awesome!

Maybe I could do all of the main quests and get it over with..?

Anyways, any advice is welcomed

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User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#5
Do the dark brotherhood before becoming a vampire, there is a major glitch and I'm not sure if it's fixed yet. And you can put off the main quest at any time. As long as you're comfortable fighting dragons with an assassin build, don't worry about it. Dragonrend or a ranged skill helps with dragons, but is by no means essential.

Just remember what AndroxineVortex said, you don't need to over think it. You'll have more fun if you don't micromanage the game.

Have fun.
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User Info: F_Galikanokus

4 years ago#6
One thing to keep in mind is that some rewards for the dark brotherhood and theives guild are levelled and you won't get the best version until level 46.
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User Info: vincestick

4 years ago#7
F_Galikanokus posted...
One thing to keep in mind is that some rewards for the dark brotherhood and theives guild are levelled and you won't get the best version until level 46.

Notably Chillrend. A max-leveled Chillrend is, if not one of, the best 1h sword in vanilla Skyrim. Even with the expansions it's still a good weapon. You get it during the quest when searching through Mercer's house.

Not sure if you're just making a new build after doing the Thieve's Guild on an earlier character but I'm putting the weapon and somewhat vague quest info in spoiler tags.

User Info: vincestick

4 years ago#8
OH! And if you stop the dragons by not doing the Kynesgrove quest you'll still be able to get bones and scales and souls. Not doing that quest only stops random dragon attacks, but there will still always be a dragon by Word Walls out in the world.

User Info: AndroxineVortex

4 years ago#9
I can't really give any advice about dawn guard because I don't have any dlc.

Smithing and enchanting are very good. Make sure to get perks that allow you to improve enchanted weapons and armor. Now I personally haven't invested a single point in speech and I think it's safe to say I've done about 95% of all quest. Purchasing goods from stores was never a real concern for me. In fact I'm pretty sure I have enough gold right now that I could just buy skyrim XD. So the game might be a little more difficult for you in the beginning if you start investing perks in speech instead of combat buffs. This is just my personal opinion but I've never seen any reason to use those perks in speech.

Hope this helps.

User Info: Dragoon08

4 years ago#10
Thanks alot guys! I will stop to over think it... But I think i'm still going to try and do dawnguard asap!
Black 2 FC : 4986 2967 8982
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