mental state of imperial lovers

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User Info: Gray_wolf1119

4 years ago#21
MGSFAN612 posted...
I just feel really guilty siding with the Empire when they willingly give their own citizens over to the Thalmor to be killed like they did with that Gray Mane guy(or was he captured in battle? I has been a while since I did the quest)

Youre right, you havent played it in a while. The quest makes no mention about how thorald was captured. Also, the game would have had the Empire force the Thalmor to release him but a programming error stopped it
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User Info: Brenz0r

4 years ago#22
Billy-De-Kid posted...
The Empire is currently planning an attack on the Thalmor, they're just waiting for the right moment... I think........................

They are. Tullius pretty much admits at the end of the Civil War that the "peace" with the Thalmor won't last for much longer.

The Thalmor know it, too. Think of the Empire and Thalmor as like boxers. The Thalmor won the first round on points, and now they're circling each other, waiting for round two to begin in earnest.
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User Info: Anakerie

4 years ago#23
Because it's great fun to support the Imperial side, all the while working for the Dark Brotherhood...screw thew Stormcloaks. I just confusing people.
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User Info: Alesandros

4 years ago#24
Bigj089 posted...
Stable and logical. The exact opposite of the Stormcloaks.
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User Info: Billy-De-Kid

4 years ago#25
lordofchaos17 posted...
Omni024 posted...
The Thalmor can't beat the Stormcloaks on thier own. Skyrim gains it's independence and them even though Cyrodil, Skyrim and High Rock would all be independent, that's still three nations that hate you...and three fronts they'd have to deal with.

and the Argonians don't give a damn..

And thats why I like Argonians:

They just don't giva damn.....................
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User Info: nathraxh

4 years ago#26
I love the Argonians. They've reached some sort of golden age now, surely? Thalmor thrown out, Dunmer defeated, and largely left to their own devices now.
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User Info: Omni024

4 years ago#27
The conditions for peace were to allow another nation to send agents into your territories and arrest/kill your citizens. No peace treaty should ever allow that to happen. Skyrim and Hammerfell both would have concentrated their efforts against the Thalmor had the Empire not wimped out. And instead of talking with the Stormcloaks, they want to fight them instead. Hell, Ulfric wasn't even given the courtesy of being tried in the courts of Tamriel... they we're just going to execute him at Helgen and be done with it. Had that happened... you really think that wouldn't have stirred up even MORE unrest in Skyrim?

User Info: rx54

4 years ago#28
scrilla_o posted...
*grabs popcorn*

Oh boy...

Why are you just grabbing popcorn?
I personally prefer to eat it.
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User Info: rx54

4 years ago#29
Alesandros posted...
Bigj089 posted...
Stable and logical. The exact opposite of the Stormcloaks.

Explain the outlawing of Talos as a logical act.
Explain the Imperial cities not allowing Khajiit within their cities.
The Stormcloaks do it too, but that just mean they are both being illogical about the same situation.

They say Khajiit are thieves.
Last time I checked there were al lot of non-khajiit thieves in the Thieves Guild.
So anybody can be a thief, not only khajiit can steal from people so their banning from cities is illogical.

But please, explain how I am ever so wrong, i'd enjoy hearing it.
Nobody is as funny as Greg Giraldo & Louis CK
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User Info: Schesparn

4 years ago#30
Banning Talos worship was logical because, as far as they knew, the Dominion would have wiped them out otherwise.
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