just tried to play morrowind. Wow

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User Info: WheezinEd

4 years ago#21
From: ploomer | #018
I tried playing Morrowind like 6 or 7 years ago after I had tried Oblivion at a friends house and I couldn't believe the difficulty...A mudcrab destroyed me in the first area and I ended up giving up and just getting Oblivion. If it's as fun as you guys say later on I might have to track down a copy.

Morrowind is actually very easy once you understand the character builder. People coming to Morrowind tend to just assume their character will have certain abilities, like being able to hit enemies and even just being able to run. But virtually everything needs to be chosen by the player.

Choose agility as one of your favorite attributes and use a weapon you're majoring in and bam, you'll be wiping the floor with bandits. Same goes for speed. People even resort to using the console to boost their speed because they didn't take the time to build their character properly. Just make athletics a major skill and speed a favorite attribute. Using mods or the console is something people will probably recommend but don't do it. Morrowind actually has a very good balance between player progression and world progression that makes both more meaningful(at least for new players who don't know how to exploit the game).

But before doing any of that, ask yourself what kind of character you really want to play. Getting your ass kicked by a mudcrab doesn't mean the game is hard, it just means you're doing something your character isn't cut out for. There's plenty to do in the game that involves no combat whatsoever.

User Info: atomicpopsicle

4 years ago#22
Halo jump EVERYWHERE! Lvl 100 acro ftmfw! Jump from roof top to roof top lol it's insane. I miss that and levitating. Oh and that scroll you find just outside of town on that poor bosmer lol. BOOM! To the moon lol

My main method for getting x5 in three spots was to never sleep. Think it was wrong but hey it worked and I layed waste to more than one town and made vivec my b**** more than once.
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User Info: Lord Hugo

Lord Hugo
4 years ago#23
Morrowind is an RPG folks. Think D&D shoved into a game. D&D doesn't fit well into a First Person Non-Turnbased RPG, but Bethesda did an extraordinary job with Morrowind. Sounds like you don't enjoy RPG's, dude.
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User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#24
I didn't really like it until I found the glitch in Vivec City where an Ordinator couldn't get to you. I would kill him a few times to get money for training so I could train weapon skills enough so missing wasn't a huge issue.

User Info: Gold25one

4 years ago#25
I always set up my character good from the start (over 60 agility) so he is always hitting and to this day i still like to start new characters (especially with the graphic mods).
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