How do you "Explore" Skyrim

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User Info: DeathEater30

4 years ago#1
How do You Explore SKyrim - Results (277 votes)
Enter dungeons as you come across them
49.82% (138 votes)
Enter dungeons only if you get a quest to go to them
27.8% (77 votes)
Check to see if the dungeon has an attached quest or not then decide what to do
22.38% (62 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I always have a hard time knowing what to do. I dont want to enter a dungeon if there may be a quest involved because id prefer to save the excitement of exploring it for the first time during a quest. However I also dont want to miss a dungeon because Im never sent there. I found Oblivion to be much more fun if i just did dungeons with attached quests because the dungeons in that game were so repetitive and got boring. In Skyrim however all the dungeons are unique so its always fun exploring them. Now if Bethesda could figure out how to put exciting loot in the game Elder Scrolls would be the best game series of all time.

User Info: Mythrender

4 years ago#2
Tend to roleplay a lot, part of that is getting off the roads and into shelter by 9 or 10 pm and dont travel again till 5 or 6. That tends to make me jump into a cave or two. Dont really think much about quests and such till Im in. That said a lot of dungeons will repopulate or relocate if its been cleared.
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User Info: justaguyx2

4 years ago#3
I usually make a note of the location and come back latter to clear it.

User Info: Omni024

4 years ago#4
I RP lots as well. My toon travels during the day and will stop at inns and sleep there once dusk hits. I never fast travel. I will only go to places if I have an objective to accomplish and usually plan out journeys toward areasI need to go to. Of course they don't always work out. I'll usually head home when my carry limit is reached for items. I put all my items in different chest depending on their categories (potions, ingredients, ore, soul gems, etc.), take a day or two to socialize, smith, enchant, etc. improve on the house and sell or buy stuff. Then I equip my armor, take whatever pots I need and head off to my next excursion.

User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#5
Option #3. The way the Radiant system is broken, it's dangerous (quest-wise) to enter dungeons that might have a quest related to them. If you kill a boss too early, you won't be able to complete a possible quest later, or pick up an item before you're asked and you won't be able to hand it in. It kind of kills the spirit of exploration that's always been at the heart of TES games, but there you are.
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User Info: Dougymc

4 years ago#6
I tend to enter the cave when I find it, but only if I'm not busy with a quest or near my carry limit. Otherwise, I'll try to remember it later.

User Info: WelshDragon89

4 years ago#7
I go through phases of deciding to at least tick off a cave on the map (make it "Discovered") and sometimes get carried away, which is annoying when I'm going from Riften to Windhelm and I end up on the way to Morthal discovering all these new places.

User Info: Scorch3000

4 years ago#8
IMy exploration is to use the carrage to visit every main city then i usually explore the areasl Usually to find word walls.
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User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 years ago#9
On my Fourth playthrough, i've come across 4 "dungeon" quests I have never come across before. I think i'm going to start dungeon diving more frequently.

I'm normally very terrified of ruining quests by going into a dungeon before hand. I love Bethesda games, but this OCD I get about bugs can really get in the way of enjoyment, as i'm finding out right now.
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User Info: Froakie

4 years ago#10
Since my first game was glitched as hell because I went to every cave, I do the third option now.
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