Do you actually owe your soul to any Daedric princes? *spoilers*

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  3. Do you actually owe your soul to any Daedric princes? *spoilers*

User Info: ColonelHawk

4 years ago#1
Recently there was a topic that debated wether or not going through the Dragnborn DLC means that you owe your soul to Hermaeus Mora. That made me curious, with the exceptions where it is plainly spelled out (Nocturnal through the Thieves Guild and Hircine through the Companions) Do the Daedra actually own your soul, or are they just letting you borrow their toys? For example, Sanguine and Sheogorath just seem to want some fun wit the Dragonborn, and Clavicus Vile seems more concerned about being the Daedric Prince of Trolling than claiming souls. So is it only certain ones, or is it "You have a shiny new plaything but now you're mine" for all of them?

User Info: EmblemWarrior

4 years ago#2
It depends on the princes. Some are simply just having fun in the mortal world, some just want thier toys used.

The ones who collect souls tend towards wanting something you'll collect through your life (Mora/knowledge) or the ones who actually affect mortal lives/actually require you to pledge yourself to them (hircines lycanthropy or the Nightengales)
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User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#3
acquiring a daedric artifact is not pledging yourself to them, or giving them your soul.

for example, meridas quest, when you get dawnguard she asks you to wield it in her name. you can say no, and she'll be like "fine, you simply having it furthers my goals" it doesn't mean you owe them anything, their artifact being in the world doing things, being wielded by a hero furthers their influence which helps them.

the only two i know of that have claim over your soul are hircine, due to being cursed as a werewolf, and nocturnal by you swearing an oath.

herma-mora is more of the trading type. your soul is never on the table in dragonborn, other dragonsouls are, the knowledge of the skaal is, but not your soul.

guys like clavicus vile and sanguine are just happy to **** with mortals cus it amuses the hell out of them. i mean wtf are they going to do with your soul anyways?
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User Info: Brenz0r

4 years ago#4
All Daedra like having souls (some more than others), and will happily take it if you offer it to them (knowingly or not).
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  3. Do you actually owe your soul to any Daedric princes? *spoilers*

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