Most fun race?

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User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#11
Mooogleman posted...
As far as appearance you don't really see your guy do you? Was there a 3rd person view you could do I think there was? I always played in first person.

I'm thinking an archer type because I heard those were fun I did sword shield my first time. What makes a fun archer?

Forced kill-cams on every type of combat has made vanity/appearance top priority for me. Gotta 'look' cool to 'be' cool, eh?
Redguards Rule!

User Info: the_arisen

4 years ago#12
Ok the most fun race depends on you. However I would personally say Dunmer, fire resistance is always a good perk especially right at the beginning before you get Frost Dragons... and on that note I would also say Nord again for the Frost resistance being crucial against dragons (master mode)
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