My first Mage.

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User Info: justaguyx2

4 years ago#1
Making a Mage for the first time and have a question about leveling up the schools.

Is it best to level the up say 10 destruction, 10 Illusion, then 10 Resteration? Or do it One Deatruction, 1 illusion, one Resteration?

User Info: wereninjah

4 years ago#2
Just use all of them as you go. You'll obviously be using Illusion to start your fights (Use Rage to get them fighting each other), Destruction to finish the enemies off, and Restoration to heal and block magic. Remember, Wards block dragon fire, so dragon fights are a great opportunity to level Restoration up.

Some other advice would be to keep staves handy so you can save on mana during heavy battles. Also be sure to recruit a melee fighter to tank for you. (I liked Janassa)

User Info: justaguyx2

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the info.

User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#4
i have almost no experience with illusion magic, but yeah just level them as you play. experiment with the playstyles.

if for example restoration is falling behind a bit, maybe allow yourself to purposely get hurt a bit more than normal so you can heal more. or if destruction is falling behind focus more on that. but just use them naturally and how you like and it'll even itself out.
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User Info: justaguyx2

4 years ago#5
Right on. Thanks guys. I was worried I was going to over level one thing. With a squishy cannon Mage, it could be deadly.

User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#6
justaguyx2 posted...
Right on. Thanks guys. I was worried I was going to over level one thing. With a squishy cannon Mage, it could be deadly.

Mages aren't supposed to be squishy -_-
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User Info: Hanzou74

4 years ago#7
I find the Freeze shout saving my mage's hide on many occasions.

User Info: alex1_2_3_4_5

4 years ago#8
If Restoration is not being levelled, get the Turn Undead and similar spells and use that instead of Destruction on Undead.
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User Info: DanOverboard

4 years ago#9
The "influential" spells in Illusion are invaluable. Just like wereninjah stated—use them the start fights, whittle down the enemy count before you even jump in the battle, then calm some to take your targets one at a time.

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