Awesome video on the dumbing down of TES games

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User Info: smoltd

4 years ago#161
Graph paper. Oh my, Bard's Tale 2? Or 3? The one located in the town of Skara Brae was it? Where you could hit the Z key to summon a golem and the monks barehanded damage was brutal?

Yes. That's what graph paper was for, excellent point.

Question now is, which generation of gamers are the dumbest then?

(The answer may not be as obvious as it seems, I'm afraid...)

Uh I never stated or even remotely implied that the purpose of graph paper was simply for making video game maps. How you can even begin to take that away from anything I said is remarkable. Well done. So to answer your question I'm going to go with whichever one you belong to.

Also that's great that you have heard of Bard's Tale but it wasn't even remotely close to being the only series that required you to make your own maps.

The point still stands. People like to complain about changes that they are not accustomed to while completely accepting ones that came around before their time. You decide some things are good changes and some are bad changes based on what you are comfortable with. A quest marker is terrible while characters giving you directions or a general idea of where to complete a quest is good. Just as someone from the previous gaming generation might say that directions are lame while the system of having to explore several dungeons all over the game world for a piece of a clue is better. Feel free to argue that games like Skyrim are being dumbed down or casualized or whatever. The fact is so are games like Morrowind.
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User Info: kamahl25

4 years ago#162
God this game is fun
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  3. Awesome video on the dumbing down of TES games

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