Awesome video on the dumbing down of TES games

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User Info: JohnRyan1228

4 years ago#51
Mr_Panda72 posted...
JohnRyan1228 posted...
Bitaku posted...
The_Ivory_Man posted...
Nearly everything has been improved voice actors, combat, exploration, we are just missing hand placed loot and a "KILL EVERYTHING" switch

I actually think Morrowind had better exploration, but otherwise I pretty much agree. As for the essential NPC thing, I kind of get why it's there in Oblivion and Skyrim. There's a lot of random **** that constantly goes down and kills assorted NPCs, and I'd be pretty irked if a key quest giver was slain randomly during one of the numerous vampire/dragon/misc. raids. That being said, I do think they gave the essential status to waaaaay too many npcs.

So just make YOU the only person who can kill an essential

I disagree, I want monster attacks to wipe out entire towns. I used to spawn daedra by the bucketloads in cities just have them fight the town. A switch or a prompt command when starting a new character would be good.

I'm fine with that. Just throwing ideas out. I think if there is a switch it should be able to be toggled at any time. That way a dragon attacks you can switch npcs to immortal if you want.
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User Info: HatchetHound

4 years ago#52
I'll never understand why people will never understand why people complain about unkillable NPCs, especially in Bethesda games.
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User Info: GriffRoberts

4 years ago#53
It's too bad that after all the dumbing down, Skyrim is still the best game in the series.

Bethesda can stay the course, for all I care.
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User Info: Emerald_Wyvern

4 years ago#54
I feel as though Oblivion was the proper amount of streamlining... with a stupid leveling system. Skyrim... is a tad much methinks.
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User Info: Folstern

4 years ago#55
Having a character's choices in game have zero impact in the world is streamlining. You heard it here folks.

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#56
*Disable killing essentials*
"Bawww dumbed down casual game! How come I can't turn this into my own personal murder simulator!? That's my fetish!! What do you mean I have to download a kilobyte sized mod!?

*Enable killing essentials*
"WTF the game randomly killed a storyline npc and I don't have a backup save. Good job on making your **** game impossible and random, Bethtards!


*Less brainless options because of voice acting*
"Bawww dumbed down casual game! I can't even tell this NPC that I want to suck his toes while preparing an omelet on a mudcrab's back! This is important for my original character's (do not steal) backstory!! Good job appealing to the casuals!

*More brainless options because no voice acting*
"Why did you add terrible options like telling the npc that you were going to win the battle with nothing but a cliffracer's dong held between your teeth and twenty pillows strapped to your body, it leads to the same resolution anyway! And good job on no voice acting, what is this, 1999?


It's a lose-lose situation. I'll agree that the "dumbing down" of combat systems like Hand-to-Hand and Repairing (I was hoping for Vindictus-style armor damage) is kinda a bummer, but some of these arguments are ridiculous. Pick and choose the right battles to argue about. In the end the game turned out much better than Oblivion ever was, I feel they are on the right track.
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User Info: Pinoy441

4 years ago#57
Morrowind had the best Leveling, Skyrim has some of the best exploration (Morrowind exploring was tedious instead of adventurous IMO) and Oblvion....well....
*grabs popcorn*

User Info: Karpah

4 years ago#58
I agree with most of the stuff in this video. Especially Oblivion being the weakest of the series.
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User Info: iedahG

4 years ago#59
I seen this video before from another website.
Valid points but I honestly am not bothered bythe direction that Bethesda is taking Tes. Im ok with the idea of turning the series into an action adventure game as long as they do it right. So far they are dropping the ball. They taking a series that had good RPG elements and wonder and are replacing it with crappy subpar action, laughable set pieces and useless eye candy.
Everything he said was sound and understandable except the part about acrobatics and athletics being streamlined. Not only did this help to make stamina useless it makes no sense at all how every single character has the exact same run speed and jump height. To streamline would be to take out acrobatics and place its attributes into athletics. This was missed opportunity for bethdesda to improve on combat dodging and sneak skills.

Its sad and funny at the same time because this nostradamus spent 7 minutes of the video clarifying that he understood the difference between streamlining and dumbing down, wasent trying to start a console war, and had appropriation of some of bethdesdas changes and backed up all his points with clear examples. Still the Bethdrones on the youtube channel and the forums found it necessary to post "Bawl more" comments and misinterpret and misrepresent what he said.
This game and platform has the worst community I have ever seen. If there is any reason not to give the eldescrolls online it is the "fanbase". I would rather play apb reloaded or league of legends for 5 hours out of a day rather then dealing with these drooling mindless turned out fantards.

Call of duty fanboys dont seem so bad now.
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User Info: konokonohamaru

4 years ago#60
iedahG posted...
Call of duty fanboys dont seem so bad now.

... ...
... ... ...
Considering I think CoD and its imitators/brethren are reflective of almost every problem in the video game industry... yes, promoting guns and violence included.... I must disagree, and quite sharply
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