Conjured weapons build.

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User Info: AnubisSlayer2

4 years ago#1
I was wondering, could anyone help me out with some tips for making a build that uses the bound weapons? I have never really ever used Conjuration in any of my 5 playthroughs and after watching my nephew play around with the "ghost sword" as he called it I thought it looked pretty cool. How viable is something like this, and what is a good way to level conjuration early? Good gear/armor to have? I don't really want to have paper armor just for the magicka bonuses but if that is the best way I don't mind. Good quests to do early on for perks/gear? Anything else you all can think of too is appreciated.

This is the first time I have really ever come up with a build idea on my own, I usually just look around on message boards and find a cool build or RP that someone else has done that looks fun and kinda follow that. I'm not too creative :P haha. But yeah, any help is graciously accepted!

TL;DR: I'm a scrub and need help with this build!
GT: MasterKush814

User Info: mewmew42

4 years ago#2
Conjured bound bow is a very OP weapon for a low level character (lvl10 or less)
-run like a chicken ignoring any enemy to fort amol main room (far left corner underneath a bucket)
-use Mage hood
-use atronach stone east of fort amol so you have enough magicka to cast bound bow spell

My level 20 argonian rogue duel wield bound swords at adept difficulty.......wears apprentice hood ,blackguard outfit,ancient assassin gloves n boots......bound sword is viable because this is a cowardly chicken opportunist character.......all talarius does is kite enemy and run into rivers and swim away if he starts losing
-can use invisibility spell to run away or backstab animation
-can conjure dremora lord
-has 2 followers serana n veloth's apprentice
-260 m/150 l/ 110s
-can use dragon aspect shout
-uses lord stone

User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#3
^^^Mmm, dunno. Why run?

Here's an option:

Redguard, Steed Stone, Heavy Armor, Conjuration, One-Handed, and Restoration

Perks go into the first spot only on heavy armor, activate the 1st perk in conjuration to include 'bound weapons increased damage' after that, one-handed up the right side only,(till later,) and extra healing and apprentice level restoration.

Fast, furious, add in some sneak if you'd like since that's 1/2 the reason why Steed is nice, along with the faster movement.

Go to Blackbriar lodge for your free suit of plate steel armor.

Conjuration levels wickedly fast with bound weapons, go easy, focus on one-handed and heavy armor at first.

No crafting really needed. Hope that gives you some ideas.

Oh, carrying around vegetable soup for large skirmishes is a life saver, if you've already activated adrenaline rush that day.
Redguards Rule!

User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#4
Try this.

Pick a Breton as your race and get the Lord Stone, then do the Book of Love quest for 65% passive magic resistance.

The Treasure Hunter perk in the lockpick tree increases the chances of finding rare enchanted Daedric/Dragonbone Armors in chests.

Your stat distribution should be 290/300/200 at level 50.

I recommend using Aranea Ienith as your follower.

User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#5
Bound weapons are good at low levels but I warn you even at 100 one hand skill fully perked a bound sword will only do about 42 damage and daggers do 30.

Bound bow at 100 archery and fully perked will do roughly 130 damage or so without enchantments and are among the fastest bows on the game.

Don't know the base for bound axe.

This is all with conjuration at 100 and all relevant perks without enchantments.

So just plan accordingly, first weaken enemies with sneak bow attacks and use swords after most of the damage is done.
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