What kind of character is yours

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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#21
An mage who likes to collect everything he sees, and be part of every guild because there is nothing stopping you from doing that.
GT: Boomer and Tank
Pretty darn confident..... I don't want to have to wait till the Microendony XBOXS 4ii comes out another 15 years later....

User Info: PickelWeezel

4 years ago#22
Ron F***ing Swanson.
Builds his own homes.
Forges his own weapons and armor.
Devours all of the bacon and eggs that you have.
Gamertag: The Catopus

User Info: nickolas941

4 years ago#23
Turin, a wood-elf thief who traveled from his homeland to seek riches and recognition. No stranger to battle, he served as a marksman for a short time with a group of bandits but found their methods distasteful and inefficient, so he set out on his own. His skills include breaking and entering, pickpocketing, smuggling, and long-range sniping.

I also have a necromancer/summoner who wears heavy armor and lets his minions do the dirty work. Based off of Sauron. Haha
Denver Broncos

User Info: lordofchaos17

4 years ago#24
Vehk Darkhide
Argonian Warrior/Vampire Slayer
Heavy Armor, Two Handed, Marksman, and Smithing
Still working on his back story though.
So says the High Necromancer of the Slaughterfish!

User Info: Xroalia

4 years ago#25
Altmer. Vampire. Mage. Holds a grudge against the Thalmor (kills any on sight) and will do almost anything for power and influence. She's a little bit crazy.
GT & PSN - Xroalia

User Info: wahabwasim

4 years ago#26
im surprised
just went on this website and it shows werewolves have a maximum armor rating of 400 at level 46 if you have dawnguard installed


User Info: invincibleirvin

4 years ago#27
Mathais Trueshot. A Bosmer archer/thief/pickpocket. No home or persons pockets are safe from me BUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!
Gamertag: BillasMagillis PSN: BillasMagillis

User Info: GBALoser

4 years ago#28
Waaaagh! the Orc Mage Thief Assassin.

Level 32
50 min in all spell schools
78 sneak
Every once in a while I realize the human race may be worth saving. Of course, then I come back here, but still, those are good moments. -Readyman

User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#29
Serbrion the dark elf vampire necro nightblade
One handed, conjuration, sneak, light armor, illusion, restoration, enchanting.
Summon Durnehviir, soul tear, drain vitality, bend will
Standing stone

Sneaking around using mastery over illusion to cast distrust and hatred among my prey to weaken themself before rising an army of the dead to destroy the survivers. I keep the weak alive so I may feed on them. If my prey gets to close I summon my bound swords and steal their souls for the Ideal Masters to toy with. On my bored days, I summon my wrathmen to battle and slowly poison my enemies with runes.
"Screw the rules, I have money!!!"

User Info: Veezara

4 years ago#30
My main character is a Breton mage. Focuses on Conjuration and destruction and fights with one handed weapons, Archmage, wears light armor, Riften guard's curias, imperial light boots and bracers. Weapon of choice is Dawnbreaker. Joined the Empire and became a vampire hunter after the war. Mentioned that I don't usually use shields but recently pickpocketed a Falkreath, Solitue and Whiterun guard's shield and enchanted them with Resist Frost/Resist Magic, Resist Fire/Resist Magic and Resist Shock/Resist Magic. I'll see how it goes.

My second most used character. A Nord Stormcloak. I usually use heavy armor but still carry Gunjar's Stormcloak curias. 3 weapons that I use regularly. A crossbow and dual wielding war axes. Married Sylgja, didn't bother to reverse pickpocket a dagger to get rid of her pickaxe(as a Breton I also married Sylgja and did give her an ebony dagger.) But her having a war axe reminds me of my time in Cidna mines, defeating Madanach by dual wirlding pickaxes. As a Breton I escaped the mine ith the forsworn.
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