classic awkward moment when you...

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User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#11
Or when you have Lydia and your female character sit down on a bench together and Lydia has her legs wide open while your character sits with her legs closed all ladylike.

User Info: Rikashi

4 years ago#12
GriffRoberts posted...
This thread is too cool for me. I'm blind now.

In that case, can I have your stuff now?
Wait a moment... pencil processors offline!?
Not changing this sig until Stephen Kings 'It' gets a proper movie adaption.

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#13
*Save town from dragon*
*Guard congratulates you, then
"Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"
*Bounty gained*
"I dare you to make less sense."

User Info: FreeMan5407

4 years ago#14
Hanzou74 posted...
A classic awkward moment would be when you dismount a stolen horse to, say, speak to someone, then mount it again and earn a bounty.

jajaja that is just silly, is not like the horse had a stolen sticker placed somewhere

User Info: FreeMan5407

4 years ago#15
CaIiber345 posted...
Or when you haven't played in awhile, and instead of pressing LB to sprint through town, you press RB and Fus-Ro-Dah a Guard who comically ragdolls down the street...

Or when Nazeem is kneeling beside a dead Cultist in Whiterun, and he's...inspecting her...with his hands...


now i know why everybody hate him - pervert
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