Going for an archer/mage build

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User Info: Omegaforce725

4 years ago#1
Hey all,

After not having played Skyrim in a while I am jumping back into it. I always love the feeling of re-discovering Skyrim after a hiatus from the game. Anyway, I have yet to do an archery/stealth build in Skyrim, but I love magic. So I am trying out something I have never done before: an Archer/Mage build.

Basically my major skills are going to be archery, stealth, conjuration, illusion and one handed. I will have a regular bow/arrows in my inventory, but I am planning on mostly using bound bow. For when I'm in larger-scale battles that require melee, I plan on dual wielding with axes/maces or something. I have never done dual-wield combat in Skyrim before. I'll also use light armor which I will eventually enchant to have more magic, buff archery/conjuration/illusion, and buff stamina.

Although I will utilize stealth and buff it with muffle/invisibility spells, I'm not planning on being a 100% stealth class. Just using it in situations where it would make sense like dungeon crawling, but not so much in Civil War fort battles.

Have you guys done similar builds before? If so, how have you played it, and what could you recommend? Would definitely appreciate some input!
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User Info: FreeMan5407

4 years ago#2
everything can be viable & fun if you work on the strength and weaknesses on your character, i even play as a full mage only magic is fun , cause you can use different tactics

User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#3
Omegaforce725 posted...
what could you recommend?

Remove Skyrim disk from Xbox.

Play Oblivion instead.

You can't cast magic and use a bow at the same time in Skyrim.

User Info: Decimator11

4 years ago#4

User Info: Omegaforce725

4 years ago#5
Evil_Sandwich posted...
Omegaforce725 posted...
what could you recommend?

Remove Skyrim disk from Xbox.

Play Oblivion instead.

You can't cast magic and use a bow at the same time in Skyrim.

Yeah I know. It makes you wish for a more Oblivion style system sometimes, but I still love Skyrim. And I use magic to supplement my build, not so much for an active role in it. In fact, my character doesn't use destruction magic at all, except for the occasional frost/flame cloak spell.

I'm going for an Arcane Archer similar to the link provided above (thanks for that btw, very cool!) where I roll with light armor. I use enchanting to enchant my armor with buffs to archery, light armor, illusion (for muffle/invisibility spells) and stamina. My bow I have enchanted with a powerful frost enchantment which not only deals damage, but slows the enemies as well. When I get the Extra Effect perk, I will probably add a second effect like shock damage or absorb stamina/health.

I have leveled conjuration some, using bound bows and swords occasionally which have proved to be very powerful. Its a very fun build.
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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#6
Since there are always an abundance of questions popping up on the boards about "how do I make a ______ character?" or "is this a good build?", etc. I thought it might be a good idea for board members to post their builds for the reference and benefit of others. Skyrimblog provides many good builds and I still recommend giving them a browse. As the case may be, I like to have information contained to GFaqs for easy viewing.

I also think an indicator should be given as to the amount of specificity needed in the build Novice, Apprentice, Expert, Adept, or Master. For example Novice can pretty much be achieved by throwing darts at a perk board. Doesn't require any special attention, equipment, etc other than a basic cohesion to the perks. While Master is planned out completely down to perks, equipment, blessings/quest boons, may include glitches or special techniques/knowledge, etc, etc.

An example:

Arcane Archer
Uses Enchantments on bows along with bow bashing and blocking techniques

Level: 51
Race: Breton
Stats: 100/600/100

- 11 Archery; 5/5 Overdraw, Eagle Eye, Power Shot, Quick Shot, Critical Shot, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger
- 9 Enchanting; 5/5 Enchanter, Fire Enchanter, Frost Enchanter, Storm Enchanter, Extra Effect
- 3 Sneak; Stealth 1/5, Backstab, Deadly Aim
- 7 Destruction: Novice Destruction, Augmented Flames 2/2, Augmented Frost 2/2, Augmented Shock 2/2
- 4 Smithing; Steel Smithing, Arcane Smithing, Elven Smithing, Dwarven Smithing
- 9 Block; Shield Wall 5/5, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner, Quick Reflexes
- 4 Light Armor: Agile Defender 1/5, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Windwalker
- 3 Restoration; Novice Restoration, Regeneration, Necromage

Auriel's Bow/Custom Enchanted Bow
Ancient Falmer/Elven Armor Set
Agent of Mara, Lord Stone, Breton
Blessing of Auriel (Marksman + 10%)

* Quick Shot taken while a Vampire with Necromage to increase draw speed
* Augmented Element increases power of all enchantments if an Elemental Enchantment is inlcuded on the item. This allows Fear to affect enemies over level 50. Undead to turn more powerful enemies, etc.
* If two Augmented Elements are combined on the same item then both are increased by 50% allowing for around 75 damage/element.
* Blocking with a shield and switching to a bow or switching bows while zooming with Eagle Eye allows you block with the bow
Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy
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