This Valentine's Day, let me be your Grah-Zeymahzin

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User Info: BiggyDX

4 years ago#1
- Love, Durnehviir

Come up with your own Valentines Day card
Gamertag: My user name

User Info: yay4doughnuts

4 years ago#2
"I've ****** mudcrabs tougher than you!"

-Love, Imperial Soldier

User Info: Bellethor

4 years ago#3

In the name of love!
I am the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only 17.


4 years ago#4
Boys, girls, dogs, elders, there's nobody I won't ****

Hit me up.
Peace, be still, know god dwells within

User Info: VincentVega13

4 years ago#5
Rose are red,
Violets are glorious,
Don't ever surprise
Oscar Pistorious.

Too soon?
To err is human, to Arr is pirate.

User Info: agentspoon

4 years ago#6
Imperials are Red
Stormcloaks are Blue
But im the Dovahkiin
So let me FUS you.
HOLY ****! What is this? Forged in Gods very flames! Do mine eyes tell me lies? A new Elder Scrolls game?
Time is nigh, I must fly, Venture forth on my quest!

User Info: darkportal785

4 years ago#7
The rape train may not have brakes, but tonight it's making a special stop just for you.

- Molag Bal
"I am the Princess of Night, 'tis my duty to come into your dreams."

User Info: Idziman

4 years ago#8
Lets see if Arcadia's potion actually works.
The only battle you truly lose is the one you run away from.

User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#9

~Daggerfall Guard
I'm ballin, ballin, ballin, Jarl ballin, ballin, ballin, swag.
PSN: bradeli Steam: IronticsDragonLord Gamertag: AsternGoblin6
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  3. This Valentine's Day, let me be your Grah-Zeymahzin

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