Imga character build and RP

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User Info: C_Burns

4 years ago#1

I want to do it. Imga, or the great apes of Valenwood, are awesome. Capes, dueling swords ... what is not to love?

I was thinking it would not exactly be the most precise build, but a brownish Orc using only a sword in right hand?

Can anyone shed light on their lore? I have read the article on UESP:

But want more! Let me know if you would like to help.

User Info: GriffRoberts

4 years ago#2
IIRC they love posturing High Elves and being like them, so be as snooty as possible in dialogue, and maybe pursue some magic.
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User Info: Billy-De-Kid

4 years ago#3
Also, some shave the fur off of their bodies, so if you can somehow find a pink orc option, that would be ideal!

I'd think to wear Vampire Royal Armor found in DawnGuard, since it includes a cape.
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  3. Imga character build and RP

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