Original Character Build Ideas?

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User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#1
Not played in months due to not replacing my broken copy and I'm struggling to feel immersed with my old saves. I previously done all dragonborn quests, stormcloak/ imperial quests so I'm just looking to do some role play and would like a fun build idea. Any suggestions?

I'm also thinking of picking up 1 or 2 DLCs, which would you suggest?

User Info: DocOdine

4 years ago#2
I've been enjoying a female Breton styled as a mesmer from Guild Wars. One handed, illusion, speech, alteration, and moderate restoration for self healing. Has been pretty fun so far. Screw with their minds and duel swords.
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User Info: xShaTzNGiggLeSx

4 years ago#3
Personally I enjoy a "Paladin" type class, mainly health, healing, and defensive... Restoration and block. Sounds worse than it really is. All of the DLC for this game is pretty good, but it is all too short... But Dragonborn lets you ride on Dragons, so theres that.

OR if your feeling like being stupid, a Pickpocket/Chef Class. Steal ingredients to make stew...
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User Info: Gamer-Chris

4 years ago#4
I've had a lot of fun playing a character that isn't just about killing anything that move. By that I mean, I'll take a quest, and if the quest involves killing a certain character, I'll actually sneak pass his/her guards and take out that specific character. My character's human kill count is extremely low because of this. I don't run into dungeons and kill everyone, instead I sneak by everyone and take all the loot. The only time my character kills is if he's going after a specific person, or has no choice (escape isn't an option).

It's really fun. If you want something else to go with it, you could try playing a character like this as a vampire. It's what I'm gonna do next.
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User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#5
The Chef idea is genius but I'm going to go for an Assassin/Thief build and make my way through the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild.

Any advice?

User Info: BadrangTyrant

4 years ago#6
Paladin/Cleric type class.
Restoration/Heavy Armour/One-handed as the main skills.
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