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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#1
I'm putting together a list and explainations of some of the most commonly used exploits. These are the ones I see most asked about on the boards so I figured that I would add the information to the sticky.

Suggestions are welcome.


- 010 Fortify Restoration
Whenever a fortify restoration potion is consumed prior to equipping an enchanted piece of equipment, or activating some abilities, the potion will increase the potency of the enchantment for as long as that item remains equipped. This becomes particularly powerful when combined with the Fortify Alchemy enchants. Drink a potion and then equip your alchemy enchants. Make another, more powerful, restoration potion. Repeat. Each time the enchantment becomes more and more powerful. You can then create Fortify Smithing potions of +X%, Enchantment potions of +X% (which allows you to enchant permanent and powerful fortify alchemy gear).

- 020 Follower/Transformation
Normally you can only equip one piece of equipment per slot. (1 ring, 1 necklace, etc.). With this exploit you can stack multiple pieces and gain the benefits from all of them. This allows you go more easily reach 100% magicka cost reduction by stacking enchantment, stack heavy gauntlets to benefit from Fists of Steel and increase unarmed damage, stack Amulets of Talos for shout cooldown reduction, etc. In order to do this you must have either Vampire Lord or Beast Form/Ring of Hircine power equipped and have a follower that will allow you to use the "I need to trade some things with you" option and who won't become hostile when you transform. If you face your follower and initiate dialogue with A and simultaneously activate your transformation with RB. Wait until the transformation completes and you can equip any number of items by choosing the "I need to trade some things with you" option, going to your inventory, and using RT to equip the item. Not all of the items will appear on your character but you will still feel the effects (and weight).

- 030 Vampire Lord/Werewolf Hybrid
With this glitch you can have both the Vampire Lord and Beast Form powers. Spoilers ahead. You must Serana as a follower and she must have the ability to transform you in to a Vampire Lord. Complete the Companions quest until the quest "The Silver Hand". When you press A to drink the blood you must simultaneously begin your Vampire Lord transformation with RB. You will appear outside of the Underforge and finish the transformation to a Vampire Lord. Select the "Revert" power from the favorites menu. Immediately have Serana turn you back in to a vampire. If done correctly (the timing is quite strict) you will have access to both powers. You will also possess unique attributes as a "Stage 0" hybrid. You will not possess any of the weaknesses of vampirism, but you will also not possess many of the inherent vampire abilities. You will be affected by Necromage and will look like a vampire. When you use Beast Form you will lose Necromage effects and will look like a non-vampire. You can switch between these two states each time you transform. If you choose to feed as a vampire (not during Vampire Lord or werewolf form) you will begin to gain vampiric powers and weaknesses like a normal vampire and will progress through the stages. You can never again return to "Stage 0".

Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#2
- 040 Oghma Infinium
This allows you to quickly gain levels by increasing skills with the Oghma Infinium. You must have a player-owned house with a bookcase. Normally you can only use the artifact to increase your skills once. This allows it to be reused. First select the bookshelf. Choose to read the book with RT from within the menu. Select a category and gain the boost. Place the book on the shelf with A. Retrieve the book from the shelf without reading it. Repeat. The Oghma cannot be obtained until level 15 but can be obtained relatively easily. If you are wanting to power level use this method:

- exit Helgen travel a bit northwest to a bandit camp and grab the wooden plate.
- Travel to Riften and speak to Ungrien in the Riften Black-Briar Meadery and you can enter in to a speech loop (your Speech must be 25 or greater. Use blessing of Dibella and Gift of Charity if it is low). This allows you to grind speech and level to 15.
- Travel north of Winterhold to Septimus' outpost to start the quest.
- Now you can skip Blackreach by traveling to the Tower of Mzark (head north from Whiterun to the giant camp and then a little NW to the tower. Tag Halted Stream Camp on the way. You'll be coming here soon.)
- Drop the wooden plate and then pick it up (not to your inventory).
- Position it flat in front of you and run directly at the gate. (You can find this glitch on youtube for visuals)
- Transcribe the Lexicon and return to Septimus for the blood extractor
- Fast travel to Halted Stream Camp and you can obtain all but the Falmer Blood
- East of the Tower of Mzark is Duskglow Crevice where you can encounter a single Falmer to harvest.
- Return to Septimus for the Oghma Infinium.

- 050 Invisible Merchant Chests
You can loot, for free, all of the items from a merchant if you can find their hidden storage which the game uses as the store inventory. There are few invisible chests and they can be found here:

- Dawnstar Chest...
- Solitude Chest...

- 060 Item Duplication
You can duplicate any item you can drop, even unique ones. You must find a door that triggers a loading screen and a follower that allows you to instruct them to pick up items. Drop the items you wish to be duplicated and order the follower to pick them up. After they collect the items exit and reenter. Some (or most) of the items should be on the floor for you to collect. You can then retrieve their duplicates from your follower's inventory.

- 070 Resetting a Merchant's Inventory
If you are looking for a particular item from a merchant that they don't carry you can reset their inventory. Save your game. Attack the merchant to make them hostile. Reload your save. This will reset their gold and inventory
Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy

User Info: LiqiudusSnake

4 years ago#3

I tried to do something similar in that topic but just didn't have the time or the will to post the process of doing them. Maybe you could go through that list and post them here with the explanation and how to do them. I might help as well. but probably one at a time. They really need to be all in 1 place.
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User Info: tacticaldroopal

4 years ago#4
awesome work as always onyx

User Info: KumaAspen

4 years ago#5
One glitch I posted about earlier was the infinite money one. If you go to the ragged flaggon and use a platter to walk through the wall next to dirge. "the one without any banners." then you can swim to tonalias chest marked 'thieves guild fence chest.' you can take the 5
4k that she has. Be warned she will become hostile and hitting her back results in a fine from the guild. But from my experience if you have a follower she will attack them whilst your outside the map. And if you let them beat her up then go into the cistern whilst she's on one knee she will no longer be hostile. Then just reset her invintory and repeat. Easy 4k each time. Also works with the other vendors and they won't become hostile. Just gotta complete the guild first.

User Info: Froakie

4 years ago#6
Duplicating video (not great quality but whatever) :

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#7
I need to add Farengar Secret-Fire's Dresser of Secret-Fencing. It helps remove the stolen tags added by the duplication glitch.
Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy

User Info: phantom_arcane5

4 years ago#8
Does the Oghma glitch still work by any chance?
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User Info: obishawn

4 years ago#9
phantom_arcane5 posted...
Does the Oghma glitch still work by any chance?

As of patch 1.8, the latest patch, it still works.

Onyx, I'm sure you know, but there is another hidden chest outside of Markarth. It is easy to access but kinda difficult to explain in text. I'll search the YouTubes for a video.

Edit- Markarth chest

Also, its not a glitch and if it is an exploit, that is debatable, but the method of using trainers as followers to take your gold back out of their inventory. I've talked to a few people in real life that had never heard of this even though it is common knowledge here.
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User Info: LiqiudusSnake

4 years ago#10
Aetherial Crown exploit for an undead army

- Finish the quest "Lost to the Ages" and choose to make the Aetherial Crown.
- Assign the ritual Stone to the Crown.
- Wear the crown and use the power to raise the dead all around you to fight for you.
- Un-equip and re-equip crown and you will be able to use the power again. (normally only can do this once a day)
- Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as desired for a massive undead army.

Keep The Jagged Crown

- Whoever you left Helgen with at the beginning of the game (either Hadvar or Ralof) (Imperals - solitude for Hadvar, Stormcloaks - Windhelm for Ralof) go to their headquarters and join their side of the civil war.
- Do the jagged crown quest and retrieve the jagged crown. The person you left Helgen with should be with you now in the ruin.
- Reverse pickpocket the Jagged Crown onto the person you left Helgen with. Normally its a quest item and cannot be placed on a person, in a container, or dropped, but for some reason it works to reverse pickpocket onto the person you left Helgen with, even if it says 0% chance, it will still work.
- Turn the quest in to either the general of Ulfric, you have this chance to switch sides here, you can still get the crown no matter what. You will "give" the crown to either party, even though you didn't give them anything, and the Qwest will complete.
- Go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. The person you left Helgen with will be waiting there drinking ale
- Steal the Crown back from them out of their inventory and its your!
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