Do you see TES heading towards a better future or a worse future?

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User Info: the_reaper849

4 years ago#41
i like that the world is interactive. and that things work when they should(with a few hiccups here and there)
i dont like that its all fluff. for its size the world map has very little to do, with little motivation to do it.
the "mystery" is gone.

but i dont like the simplified combat/stats and i dont like the artstyle/atmosphere (LotR) they're leaning towards.

if they did a text/voice acting hybrid in the next game i would love it.

make MQ, thieves, fighting, mages guild quests have voice acting

all other quests are given to you via text. and characters in the world only speak when spoken to/approached at a close proximity (ie hugging distance)

on a side note oblivions (melee) combat feels a lot better than skyrims.
i got it when it was on sale on GoD. its much faster and fluid.

archery and magic was slightly improved in Skyrim.
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User Info: dave_is_slick

4 years ago#42
From: GriffRoberts | #034
From: youshallbeasgod | #032
If just for the dialogue, then I'm cool.

Implying FFX had a bad story. Hello joke user!
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User Info: HoonDing

4 years ago#43
From: dave_is_slick | #042
Implying FFX had a bad story. Hello joke user!

The important thing to get out of that is that Bioware is dialogue heaven, and dialogue hell.
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User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#44
This is really a double edge sword. Visually it's beautiful. The world is vast and exploration is fun. The character can now have followers and even get married.

The side quests and guilds have been watered down and stats have been removed. Exploration while vast is not deep. Many cave/areas do not even re-spawn foes.

There are as many minuses for pluses. I really enjoy Skyrim but the jury is still out IMO.

User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#45
There are several issues with Skyrim's (and Oblivion's) effect on the series.

For instance, fast travelling and the quest compass remove a lot of immersion from the game. You're now a super god that can teleport everywhere and knows intuitively where everything is that you're looking for. You now pay more attention to a little arrow than you do to the environment. Which, sadly, has had a detrimental impact on the variety of the environment that you walk around in, since Morrowind anyway.

These things will never go away, although in my opinion they fly in the face of the immersive world that is Tamriel, they are hallmarks of the modern gaming era, and are here to stay.

The problem is that the design of those games is based around the use of it.

Almost every single cave, dungeon etc. in Skyrim is actually part of a quest. You get sent to almost every location on the map.

Where's the world that's just there? For random wanderings and dungeon crawling for the sake of it? Hidden relics? Things like the Propylon Chambers in Morrowind are what's missing in Skyrim. Huge mysterious fortresses, no quests relating to them, but you can build up a library of teleportation devices that are very useful.

I think Smithing needs to go. It was a good idea, but didn't work out. It's too easy to level, and it trvialises any armour/weapons you might find around the world. On that subject, there needs to be more "artifact" and unique weapons and armour, with unique designs and interesting special affects.

Skyrim does a lot of things right, but the immersion is what's lacking. Feels like playing an MMO and just clearing out your quest log. Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood were both very good though, but they were (imo) even better in Oblivion. Then again, Mages guild has been absolutely pathetic since Morrowind, when it was really good. Guild stuff needs to go back to requiring minimum skill levels etc., because it's stupid when you're grand master of the mages guild and can't even cast a Fire Rune.

Also the levelling needs to go back to Morrowind's style. There should be areas on the map that make you scared to go there (think Ghostgate) because every NPC in the game is telling you how hard the monsters are - and they are. But you should eventually be able to level up enough to enter these areas and start exploring them, finding even more powerful items.

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User Info: Mattvento

4 years ago#46
I think the TES series is headed in the right direction, for the most part. Like most people have said, I'd like to see more interesting questlines for the MQ and guilds. Some people have wanted to bring back skill requirements for advancing in the guilds, but I don't think they make sense for any guild except the Mages guild and maybe theives. The companions and DB seem to make a point of saying that they really don't care how you get the job done, just so long as it gets done, so why would they care if your one handed or sneak wasn't high enough. They should punish the player for messing up a quest or drawing too much attention to themselves though. Make you do a couple of radiant quests if you kill fifty people in addition to your target or something.

A good way for it to work in the mages guild would have been you could complete the mages guild quests after you were admitted, because it wouldn't make sense for them to worry about if your restoration skill was high enough to venture to a ruin and get an important artifact. But you would have to have high enough magical skill to advance up the ranks to Archmage, because it doesn't make sense for someone who's highest magical skill is 46 to be Archmage. If you finished the Mages guild questline like that, they seat sat open until you got your magic skills up high enough to take the title.

It was nice that more dungeons felt like they had their own story, and had their own self contained quests. Frostflow Lighthouse and a few of the Dragon priest dungeons come to mind. It would have been nice if a few more dungeons were blocked off, and the player had to find an artifact like one of the claws just to enter, only someone in the nearest town wasn't giving away the claw. Overall though, the world itself is so much more alive than Oblivion. It's nice that everyone isn't sitting around waiting for you to talk to them.

I've got to disagree with Webbc99 on smithing. I love being able to craft powerful weapons of my own, and I feel like its so cliche that the most powerful artifacts are these ancient relics, but no one could make their equal now. One thing I do think needs changed though is that some of the special artifacts need to come pre tempered. If a sword was made by a master, they would have tempered it to legendary. All of the Daedric artifacts, and some of the others like Chillrend should be pre-tempered to different levels. It doesn't make sense that you can improve an item made by a god.

I like the direction the leveling system is headed. I thought it was a big step forward from Oblivion, and that it was a great way for the developers to give players the freedom in making their characters grow that was missing in Oblivion. Having to pick a class and major/minor skills in a tutorial was not freedom, it was a restriction that really didn't serve the player. There are plenty of ways to give your character a distinct class in Skyrim. I'd like to see them have more perks, and maybe change the way some of them interact with your skill level. Destruction spell strength increasing with skill level a little, not just through perks comes to mind.

Overall, I don't think you can say Bethesda isn't trying to improve the series. They made improvements on things like leveling that Oblivion players legitimately griped about. They messed up a few things like making the guilds worse in some areas, and I'm sure TES Vi will have things to gripe about, but I think it'll be better than Skyrim. Sorry for the super long post.

User Info: yedi

4 years ago#47

They take away freedoms at every turn. It's a more focused style, which some think is a good thing, but in a game about being as expansive and unrestricted as possible it's literally shooting itself in the foot. They're taking shortcuts to appease the gibbering masses who are easily amused because it's cheap, quick and easy and it's killing the series. They pretty much completely rely on mods and the creation tool to fill in the gaps they just didn't bother patching up and give players the freedoms they took away for no reason, but that's entirely unfair and useless to console players who get NOTHING to compensate for Beths lack of ****'s given.

Everything is getting shallower and shallower. Combat is barely inching forward(and in several areas taking steps to the side or outright backtracking for no reason at all), character interaction is becoming less and less... interactive... The language pie game may not have been the best plan but it was at least SOMETHING. And considering no matter what you do, every quest, event, or journey always ends up at "You. A cave. Something in the cave you need. 20 guys between you and it. Go." the fact that combat is STILL so underwhelming should be embarrassing, since the writing you have to choke down to get there isn't anything to write home about either.

There's literally nothing to carry the game beyond lack of expectations. The narrative flops, and falls back on combat to salvage EVERY situation, but the combat is too shallow to carry the game any better and leaves anyone looking for a deep, engaging experience disappointed, bored, or both. Unless they can somehow turn this continued downward spiral around, the series is going to crash hard sooner rather than later as Beth continues to ride the "it's an open world game and that ****'s hard" excuse train into the station(and promptly train-wreck).

The only 2 things Skyrim has over Oblivion is a slightly less 'standard issue' setting and (legitimately) better dungeons, meanwhile everything else is either practically the same(quality wise) or worse off. Watching the gameplay videos before release I saw things that I didn't like, and when mentioned people here jumped down my throat saying "It'll be perfect when it comes out, hold your tongue boy!", and lo and behold, the game released and everything I thought was crappy 8 months earlier was still crappy.

So long as they have some flashy canned animation to show off when they announce the next round of feature cuts and abandonment of gameplay depth, the crowds will continue to cheer. Because that's what consumer sheep do.

"So we've effectively cut all the content in the game in half because we're lazy... Now here's me stabbing a wolf in the eye!" *bewildered crowd cheers wildly and screams out praise like someone just cured cancer, aids and diabetes* Thank you, thank you. Now, here I'll show you how we've reduced the number of spells in the game from 120 to 7. But hey, those 7 remaining spells are pretty damn sweet looking! *shows video of him casting a fireball that takes 15 minutes to render while the crowd bursts into roaring applause*

The next ES game they release(aside from ESO, which is already dead in the water, mark my words) is getting a thorough look into before I commit money. Skryim didn't just leave me feeling burned, it lit me on fire, ****ed on me to put it out, then smeared **** into the open wounds. Nobody does that and gets a free ride with my wallet.
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User Info: GriffRoberts

4 years ago#48
From: webbc99 | #045
Also the levelling needs to go back to Morrowind's style. There should be areas on the map that make you scared to go there (think Ghostgate) because every NPC in the game is telling you how hard the monsters are - and they are. But you should eventually be able to level up enough to enter these areas and start exploring them, finding even more powerful items.

Just to be clear, you mean leveling in terms of scaling, right? And not Morrowind's actual leveling system?

I can sort of agree to that, but just for the sake of discussion. I like what Skyrim does with "encounter zones", in that there's a minimum and maximum for level scaling. A dungeon with a minimum level of 24 would be hell for someone who's only at level five, etc. Then of course, you've got enemies like Falmer or Forsworn that are just plain painful. The problem is, there needs to be more contrast in difficulty. They did this a lot better in Fallout 3, which used the same system. In that game, it was the downtown D.C. area that was terrifying, in Morrowind it was the Ghostgate, etc; TESVI needs an area like that. (The Alik'r Desert?)

Gonna have to disagree with scrapping smithing. They just need to fill the game with more interesting artifacts, and balance it better. If you can craft the best gear in the game, why use an artifact? On the flipside, why bother crafting if all your needs are satisfied by arcane ultimate items?

Dungeons are fine. Either explore them just by happening across them, or wait until a radiant quest assigns you that location. And most Nordic ruins aren't related to any quests, aside from the ones you receive inside of them (most Dragon Priest crypts) or the "learn the word of power" objectives, which are mostly optional and simply help you learn where these locations are.
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User Info: the_arisen

4 years ago#49
I completely forgot the next TES game would be TES:O... Yeah the next game is gonna fail.. HARD, however I still have hope for TES: VI
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