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Something small you would like added in the game.

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  3. Something small you would like added in the game.

User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#121
An unarmed skill tree

merge Lockpicking and Pickpocket into one skill tree and call it Security or some such

Open <lock level> Lock spells again

The ability to bash open locks

the ability to make my own town

and for the hell of it, being able to become High King/Queen of Skyrim.
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User Info: afrodude77

4 years ago#122
left handed attacks having same speed as right handed attacks i`m left handed in real life so it would be nice to role play a left handed dragonborn

The ability to learn custom enchantments like the bloodskaal blade and put it on any weapon
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User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#123
Cobblestone Generators. You can never have enough.

User Info: vincestick

4 years ago#124
Console commands on a console. Just gotta make a button combination to activate it. Seriously, if Two Worlds/Two Worlds 2 was able to pull off console commands on an Xbox/PS3 it's doable.


4 years ago#125
plain medieval looking knight armor and helmet with no loin cloth

the steel plated armor looks dumb with the wings and loin cloth
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User Info: vincestick

4 years ago#126
JOExHIGASHI posted...
plain medieval looking knight armor and helmet with no loin cloth

the steel plated armor looks dumb with the wings and loin cloth

While we're on that subject I'd like some scaled and leather armor sets that actually have pants and not a free flowing skirt.

That and more light armor variations to EVERY armor set. I'm curious to see what a light armor version of Daedric would look like.

User Info: 801322

4 years ago#127
the ability to kill children

User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#128
Akiba69 posted...
More strange things added to the world. Such as the dead guy on the cutting log with a blood axe surrounded by win and apples.

Or if you played Oblivion, that small town in the woods full of killers. That was great.

More mission variety in general.

uhh, Hackdirt? And that's a Lovecraft reference (see; Frostflow Lighthouse)
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User Info: yedi

4 years ago#129
The ability to kill EVERYONE. I don't care if I FUBAR my ability to do quests. If I want to make a mass-murdering killing machine who doesn't care about saving the world, that's my choice.

Just make it an option when you start your game. Want to play it safe and do everything? Click "No" to the "make everyone mortal" option. The fact that this is pretty much one of the first things that pops up for PC mods should say something about what people ****ing want here. First nekkid boobies, then murder simulator. Chop chop Bethesda!

Seriously, nothing bums me out more than going "I think I'm going to wipe out a town today for the lulz" and having every second NPC just fall to their knees instead of dying when I shoot them from the shadows(effectively getting me busted).

Also, more creation parts. If they're going to roll with this embarrassingly restrictive system, the least they can do is give us some more variety in the parts involved, since a good 80% of them are pretty much identical or stupid looking.
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User Info: Krymzonbladez

4 years ago#130
The ability to stop my wife from moon walking everywhere.... and actually..more armor variety, and clothing variety, such as being able to craft robes or some such or a robe vendor selling unechanted robes like previously mentioned
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