Something small you would like added in the game.

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User Info: ColonelHawk

4 years ago#131
Two things

1. Ok, not sure this qualifies as "small", but I think it'd be cool to if there were different jobs in the Civil War based on your play style would be cool. Mages, for example, would be relegated to doing jobs related to mystical artifacts that would help their side out(Though that might be too similar to the actual mages guild quests). Sneaks would be relegated to stealing secret plans of attack, or assassinating key political figures(Though once again, the main DB quest is about assassinating key figures in the Empire.)

2. Recruiting characters into the Dark Brotherhood. Sure, it's kinda weird at first, but you can recruit pretty much anybody into the Blades, so I don't see why not.


4 years ago#132
armor without boobs
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User Info: Tyler_NinjaCat

4 years ago#133
a hardcore mode like fallout new vegas

User Info: EmoBanger69

4 years ago#134
A super secret shop that has a limitless supply of every potion and alchemy ingredient.

User Info: EmperorDeathBun

4 years ago#135
Warablo13 posted...
Just more user friendly when decorating your house..

Dear god yes. I just want to put stuff on the shelf and in the display case without having to go to war.
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User Info: -Oath-

4 years ago#136
CQC, Metal Gear style.

User Info: N1ghtm4reW0lf

4 years ago#137
RogsR34UK posted...
With the limited time available with Enchanting Potions I would like the option to rename my self-enchanted items after enchanting them.

Time pauses while you're typing...
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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#138
Sabram posted...
offhand attack speed made the same as main hand, and right handed shields.

There are left handed people you know :P

This needs to be in. It really breaks immersion for dual wielding.

My vote would be a perk rank in Destruction similar to Armsman or Barbarian, that would increase the base damage of spells by a percentage, that way a pure destruction character would be more viable.

That or....

Staff combat. Instead of staves acting like a free spell cast, it'd be cool to have actual staff combat. Whenever they hit, they would have a chance (maybe could be increased with perks in the tree) that would "cast" the spell on impact, similar to touch spells in Oblivion.

That one is more of bigger mod, but the componets are already in the game.

User Info: EdenEnde

4 years ago#139
1. I want to be able to jump while sprinting.
2. My character should be able to be left handed.
3. I think the Muffle enchantment should affect the footstep sound effects.
4. Night Eye and Vampire's Sight should last until I deactivate it.
Silence, my brother.

User Info: KingPeng113

4 years ago#140
After certain quests are finished, the essential characters involved should be made nonessential. I would dearly love to kill Delphine, Maven Black-Briar and the entire Silver-Blood clan. I know that some characters can (and should) never be made unessential, but others need to be after all the crap they give you while doing absolutely nothing in that playthrough.
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  3. Something small you would like added in the game.

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